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Lower R number is 'green light' for some pupils to return to school, says Williamson

The education secretary Gavin Williamson has said some pupils will be asked to return to their classrooms as early as next month as he laid out the government’s wider plans for the reopening of schools in a news briefing at 10 Downing on Saturday. He added that, starting from 1 June, testing will be extended to cover school children and their families if any of them develop symptoms
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  1. Avatar

    Don’t send your child to school

  2. Avatar
    California Dreamin'

    Clueless. Where is the science ? R is a concept and this criminally negligent government demand more deaths .

  3. Avatar

    "And if this herd immunity fails, we'll blame it on people not downloading the app"

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    Too soon!!😡😡😷😷😷

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    The only ones pushing back at lifting lock down restrictions seem to be the public sector workers doing very well from being to asked to 'work' from home…

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    Let people do as they please, end the lockdown. The whole purpose of the lock down was to allow time for the NHS to prepare and they have more than done that now, with emergency hospitals constructed across the nation. Time for this nonsense to end.

  7. Avatar

    I will not risk the life of my children

  8. Avatar

    Imagine if we all just didnt send our kids to school and see what happens.

  9. Avatar

    Did Williamson as secretary of state not leak information and was sacked in 2019? And you should trust him on this?

  10. Avatar

    Tory think tank; right chaps how do we kickstart the economy…. why don’t we open up the schools so parents can go back to work……

  11. Avatar

    Schools in Sweden never closed

  12. Avatar

    I'm the 35th COmMENT!

  13. Avatar

    No way I would send mine

  14. Avatar

    Smash the Karenarchy! If it's ok for supermarket workers etc to go to work, why can't middle class women?

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    Life lies. Life

    To the world's media ….. Your not mistaken…..this government actually do suck…!!!!!

  16. Avatar

    The house of commons should set an example and go back first.

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    Stop the government. We need a general election.

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    In today's briefing, the science lady said R number is between 0.7 > 1, but that includes high risk areas like Care Homes and Hospitals, and there's a separate R number for infection rate in the general community. She then avoided saying what it was. But separately, she said ONS figures showed infection in the community is halving every two weeks, which suggests an R number of 0.5. She even tried to say what that meant in real terms but got muddled, it seemed like she was trying to say infection had been 1 in 400 and that they now believe it's 1 in 1,000, suggesting an even lower general community R of 0.4.

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    The lockdown was NEVER about stopping or defeating the virus.. but just slow it down, “flatten the curve”.. That has been achieved. We’re all going to get it sooner or later.. And it really isn’t that dangerous. So let’s get the world’s economies back up and running.. and resume our children’s futures.

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    We don’t trust you with our kids, You Let Cheltenham Races go ahead, we Don’t Trust You with our kids! 😡😡😡

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    Dear Guardian,
    Please start reporting the truth, then I may start buying your newspaper again..
    Regards, Jon

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