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Love on the Spectrum | Official Trailer | Netflix

Finding love can be hard for anyone. For young adults on the autism spectrum, exploring the unpredictable world of dating is even more complicated. Love on the Spectrum arrives on Netflix July 22.


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Love on the Spectrum | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. Avatar

    One of the beautiful things a person can ever experience is falling in love..

    And when I say people, there's no exception for someone as special as them who have been diagnosed in autism spectrum disorder. More than anyone else, they absolutely deserve to experience this beautiful fleeting thing called love and be loved back in return

  2. Avatar

    Its beautiful

  3. Avatar

    I recommend watching a beautiful documentary Austisn in Love. It's amazing

  4. Avatar

    I'm 35 years old with a son who is autistic. I'm looking forward to watch this show with him. Love exists everywhere.

  5. Avatar
    Harm Aouke Haaijer

    Man, really looking forward to this. I'm also on the spectrum myself and I would love to have a girlfriend one day. Maybe I can learn something from this.

  6. Avatar

    now this is too perfect for me

  7. Avatar
    Dreams & Teddy Bears

    FINALLY! Something Australian on Netflix…

  8. Avatar
    Сокровища 12 Богов

    Снято без бюджета. Новый независимый триллер @

  9. Avatar
    Biancamaria Valenti

    This show looks really interesting!! 😃😃😍😍

  10. Avatar
    Makoto Narukami

    I see this, and I think I'm fall into this catagory of people. We all want Love, and to be Loved by someone.

  11. Avatar

    Well, I guess I don’t have an excuse for not getting a boyfriend anymore 🤷🏽‍♀️

  12. Avatar

    Netflix has great content, well done!👍

  13. Avatar

    This is really great. Its so interesting.

  14. Avatar

    This was out in Australia a while ago and is very very good and made me shed a few tears

  15. Avatar

    Wait… Are we encouraging them to BREED?!

  16. Avatar

    i'm gonna watch but i can already tell the narrators are gonna be real annoying explaining autism!! i hope any explanations of what autism is (which will likely be outdated but w/e) are in the intro so i can click skip intro and get to the actual beginning of each episode

  17. Avatar

    No offence to anyone saying they have an autistic partner or autistic kid, but the comments here from actually autistic people are so lovely! I’m kinda over us autistic people being used as heartwarming stories for non-autistic people, so to see so many on the spectrum find hope and delight in this show is wonderful. These are our stories. They are meant for us first and foremost.

  18. Avatar

    Definitely watching this as I am on the spectrum myself.

  19. Avatar

    Can't wait to see this. My son is auty and it gives me hope that he will find someone to love him outside of family and long after I'm gone ❤️

  20. Avatar

    My son is on the spectrum and this movie gives me hope for his future. There is someone for everyone in this world, no matter your disability.

  21. Avatar

    Bro where are the memes

  22. Avatar

    Lovely 😍💋

  23. Avatar

    Having a pathological fascination with puzzles and anime is hardly the basis for a compelling romance.

    Here's my pitch for a better show: Six autistics; 4 men, two women. One of the women is obese.

    Air drop them onto a desert island. Somewhere hidden on the island is a revolver with 2 rounds chambered.

    Last heterosexual couple standing is victorious, however they are not made aware of this win condition. Their only known goal is to survive against nature, lol.

  24. Avatar

    Glad this looks like it actually respects people with autism

  25. Avatar
    Daniela Del Castillo Locatelli

    as a young woman of age thirty and with autism myself , this doc literally describes how someone like me wants to find love , the hardship, the journey and everything, I want to find true love with a good man being him a person with autism or without any intellectual and physical disabilities, who is my soulmate and help me be the best of me, to watch this maybe give me some inside I don't know yet still

  26. Avatar

    Cannot wait!! As a person on the spectrum I have always been with NT's (but maybe not) so I can't wait to see the relationships form. I've been with my husband for 11 years and although there are challenges, there is powerful love and connection. Our brains just click! <3

  27. Avatar

    If anyone wants more info on this:
    Theyre about to start working on Season 2 and the autistic community has hopefully contacted them in including wider diversity. But if theres 2 couples together who are both on the spectrum well, thats just how that relationship is and we cant change that.

    There is atleast one date/couple where the other person is not autistic. BUT its not in the trailer. Same with queer representation there is atleast a couple/date in here, but its not properly seen in this trailer.

    Keep in mind it also depends on the people who do apply to be in a show like this, It'll only be a small percentage of people applying who are on the spectrum, and might not reach an audience who arent on the spectrum to be interested in going on these dates too.

    Finding the right representation is hard, and there are both positives and negatives to this, but thats okay! It just means theres room for improvements for them to add.
    It is a fine show for the start and I'm sure with so much feedback from all of us. It'll just get better.

  28. Avatar

    I just finished watch second episode of this and i was surprised about myself knowing pretty much incorrect of how exactly they are. I really hope everyone should open to show as genuine as these lovely ppl are. Btw Micheal is so cute reminds me of Sam from another series 'Atypical'

  29. Avatar

    Michael is such a gentleman. ❤❤❤

  30. Avatar

    This is such a beautiful programme . I enjoyed every episode .

  31. Avatar

    Atypical spinoff

  32. Avatar

    I have Aspergers and dating was always a struggle for me. I met someone when I was 25 and I thought the relationship was good for me. Finally someone like me has a person, but over time I discovered they wanted everything about me to change. Being told to what I liked wasn’t important or to shut up when we watched tv… or deal with meltdowns — I was embarrassing. However light does exist at the end of the tunnel because then someone came into my life and I finally have someone who generally cares about me, she doesn’t want me to change— but I want to grow for her. Having a disability isn’t a gift or curse, it’s something I wouldn’t change for the world. Because I’m me and that was good enough for her to marry me this past february.

    So this series only adds fuel to the fire that everyone has love to give and deserves it in return.

  33. Avatar

    Does anyone know Amanda the girl mark went on a date with insta ?

  34. Avatar

    I have two boys on the spectrum and wish I could find some resources for them. We need more resources for the spectrum and help. My boys are amazing as parents we want to help in anyway possible.

  35. Avatar

    This was an incredible show. Balled my eyes out with the final episode proposal lol

  36. Avatar

    Chloe is too pure for this world…

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