Home / News / Louisiana Gov Bel Edwards discusses Hurricane Delta preparation

Louisiana Gov Bel Edwards discusses Hurricane Delta preparation

LA Gov. John Bel Edwards holds a press conference on the states response to Hurricane Delta.

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  1. Avatar

    They'll blame President Trump for this Storm!

  2. Avatar

    Prayers for the people in SW Louisiana.

  3. Avatar
    Biden For Hospice 2020

    Democrats are already blaming Trump.

  4. Avatar

    Miraculously disappeared yet? Wall built yet? Pre-existing conditions safe yet? Hillary locked up yet?

  5. Avatar

    I know of several deaf people who are highly agitated at all the pandering by local government officials.
    As if they cant figure out how to work closed captioning options..

  6. Avatar

    🌀 Hurricane Delta is now a Cat 2 and headed towards Lake Charles where half of the homes are covered with blue tarps. With sheet metal and projectiles still laying around everywhere it's going to be very dangerous, so please evacuate now!

    Trump robbed FEMA so he could attempt to buy votes for $300 so there are no disaster relief funds left, but he will surely toss everyone some paper towels! 🇵🇷

    Sadly, according to his tax returns he can't personally afford Bounty, and since he doesn't have a charity to divert funds from, expect an off brand from the dollar store!

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  9. Avatar

    Weather control is real!!! Blame the US Govt!

  10. Avatar

    I blame Trump for ignoring science, and for his hate and division. Also for his response to Hurricane Maria!

  11. Avatar

    Everyone knows Trumpacanes or Hurritrumps only come from one place…

  12. Avatar

    Me and my family will be praying for all those in Louisiana and hope it gets better for them

  13. Avatar
    Biden For Hospice 2020

    Science has Proven Communism Does Not Work.

  14. Avatar

    Prayers for all those in the path! May she move quickly and leave little damage behind!

  15. Avatar

    First if All…My Heart Seriously Goes Out To These People🌬️❤️
    🤦‍♀️Sadly, You Watch☝️POTUS Will Somehow Be Blamed For This.
    👺This Is Sick👺🦎

  16. Avatar
    Make Racists Afraid Again

    Republicans have Failed America

  17. Avatar

    God speed Louisiana 🙏

  18. Avatar

    Why does fox have Chris on as a guest when he is just loud and talks over Dana and other guest? I don't know his last name..but I'm NOT referring to Chris Wallus.

  19. Avatar

    Genuine question, just looking for a reasoned response. As someone from the UK, I would like to understand why the resistance to government funded healthcare for all?

  20. Avatar

    There's a feller having some kind of epileptic conniption up on stage and they just ignore him.
    There's one of those homeless arm-flailing weirdos outside of every Walgreens too.

  21. Avatar

    @foxnews I change the channel every time you put on Donna Brazil or Chris Hahn. Not worth watching them or the advertisers during.

  22. Avatar

    It's so sad that this news is taking a backseat to the political garbage going on.

  23. Avatar

    While DEMOCRATS are blaming President Trump for the C19 Military BioAttack committed by CHINA.
    Hopefully this STORM is not another ATTACK committed by CHINA’S HAARP. to be blamed on Trump’s too.

  24. Avatar

    Novel idea: if you don't want to get wiped out by a hurricane; don't live on the coast….

  25. Avatar


    18:32 has the best 😍💖❤️ 💋💝

  26. Avatar

    Sure seems like God has decided to vote early and vote for Biden!!!
    That's why 26 members of Trump's Admin. now have Covid19.

  27. Avatar

    God hates Trump Country!

  28. Avatar

    Trump is doing everything in his power to increase climate change (which includes numerous and vicious hurricanes). All of the hurricanes are indirectly attributable to his enabling stupidity.

  29. Avatar

    Trump wins the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize!!👌

  30. Avatar

    God bless the people of Louisiana

  31. Avatar
    Hugh VonNiederhausern

    Make no mistake,
    this Hurricane Delta will
    add increased suffering on the
    folks of Jennings,
    this storm is only 20 miles off the last Hurricane Laura that ripped off
    the roofs, only blue tarps are on those homes, plastic tarps will certainly only last one minute when the winds hit,
    it only takes a 35 mph wind to rip off
    a plastic blue tarp,
    FEMA is ready to respond
    President Trump
    is aware of the eminent threat
    Hurricane Delta, and ongoing

  32. Avatar

    Good luck to you. You won't get any help

  33. Avatar
    House of the Rising Sun

    I live on the East Coast and been through many storms. Seems like most people that get in a dangerous situation do so because they don't follow evacuation advice. The thing is, once your roof blows off, a tree falls on your house, or water starts rising it's too late. Nobody's coming to help you until it passes. Hope everybody stays safe. God Bless.

  34. Avatar

    Where is the Sharpie???

  35. Avatar

    218,574 deaths 7,888,904 covid cases after the WH took control of hospital data from the CDC, 1000 Americans dying every day from the Trump virus, 'it is what it is' Trump has covid is fake news so that he does'nt have to debate Biden again and talk about his non payment of tax.

  36. Avatar

    No worries, because of trump’s environmental conscientiousness, hurricanes strength have been steadily declining such that we now have hurricanes that are just breezes good to fly a kite, now stop fearing, trump also has a sharpie and he can change hurricanes trajectory at will… trump 2020!!

  37. Avatar

    Tanner has coached Dennis Early, Frank Norman, Jesse Stirge, Adrienne Radakovic and a session with Kenzo Wong

  38. Avatar

    Withdrawal from the Paris agreement, denying climate change, if science doesn't convince you let nature do it.

  39. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a crook.

  40. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people.

  41. Avatar

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession.

  42. Avatar

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession.

  43. Avatar

    ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING ⚠️ Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to fail to reach a 50% approval rating. 😂🤣😂🤣

  44. Avatar
    DixieLee Larrabee

    God bless you Louisiana!

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