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Louisiana braces for epic flooding from Tropical Storm Barry

Tropical Storm Barry presents New Orleans with an unprecedented problem, according to the National Weather Service. The Mississippi River, which is usually at 6 to 8 feet in midsummer in the Big Easy, is now at 16 feet, owing to record flooding that’s taken place this year all along the waterway.

In the meantime, Barry is spinning away in the Gulf of Mexico, threatening a storm surge of 2 to 3 feet at the mouth of the river, said Jeffrey Graschel, a hydrologist with the weather service’s Lower Mississippi River Forecast Center in Slidell, Louisiana.
The unusual confluence of factors adds up to a forecast that has the river cresting Saturday at 19 feet, a level not seen since February 1950 and about 2.3 feet shy of the record set in April 1922, the weather service said Thursday.

“Look, there are three ways that Louisiana floods: storm surge, high rivers and rain,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said Thursday. “We’re going to have all three.” States of emergency have been declared in Orleans, Jefferson, St. Bernard, Plaquemines and St. Charles parishes. Jefferson Parish and Plaquemines Parish have instituted mandatory evacuations as a precaution in low-lying areas or those outside major levees.
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    God be with everyone now its time to get out

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    If you're in these areas & you're unable to leave, I'm urging you PLEASE while you still have access to YouTube look up "bugging in emergency preparedness low cost" on YouTube & prep NOW. Some of it you're probably not going to be able to do now BUT a at least you'll have MORE information than what you had. You'll be ready for the power going out, how to cook what you do have if you don't have a grill, etc. Good luck to you 🙏

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    the green new deal would have fixed this you know. now that pelosi has relegated aoc and the two rag heads to a bunch of dumb sub commitees the world will explode it 12 days. free aoc.

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    Wating for CNN to blame Orange Man for this ☔

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    Extreme Weather still in America. . . . You've had it rough across the pond. Hope all remain safe

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    Just notice that Bianna who was former of CBS This Morning is so Anchor on CNN… Wow
    But, i hope for everyone to stay safe there

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    I don't know if "epic" is a good word to use,makes it sound like it's gonna be fun.

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    Prayers for California and now Seattle, Washington…

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    Just keep this storm out of Texas

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    Trump: those are some tremendous people, floating on both sides, of the Mississippi…

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    Oh wow, it wasn't this bad before. It's almost like the climate has changed.

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    I'm happy the president pre authorized the federal aid for this. We need to start preparing for this catastrophic events instead of waiting for the worst. Especially if these events are becoming more and more frequent with climate change. Still dis like him but I think he made a good move. The move bush failed to make.

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    Maybe time to move out of low lying land. The future involves increasing flood events.

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    The red tide is starting again!.. KAG

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    Now this would not happen if you raked the leaves off the swamp in Louisiana!

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    The annual throwing of the paper towels event is about to commence, everybody grab your "I don't really care, do u?" jacket.

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    Climate Change: Water so warm, you just need a Low Pressure System entering it and you practically immediately get a hurricane!

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    Evangelical nut bags said Katrina was God's Wrath for gays. So I say Barry is God's Wrath for Evangelical hypocrites

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    . .

    CNN what the hell is this crap? We need our orange man bad propaganda!! Tell us how to feel about the political agendas you’re pushing, and what to think about stuff. Stick to the script!! Beep boop.

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    Cheer to the Storm & Cheer to the Ocean.Wiped them out.
    Remind them that this is still The Native American Land.
    Native American lives is matter into this country to be treated Right.Sink them in the Ocean.

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    Why USA is full of Tornardos, Earthquakes and Strong winds?? Here in europe these things never happen

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    Be careful katrina govt rape faking around as the help

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    Thoughts with the wildlife and all those who do not vote against environmental protection.

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    You all get out now! They are not going to help you. They are going to take your tax dollars to help another country's people with shelter and Healthcare while they leave you all and squander. You all are not going to have electricity, water, sewer, infrastructure, food or Healthcare and worst of all they're going to imprison you in that town 4 months just ask the people in Mexico Beach Florida still trying to recover from last year's Hurricane Michael. They're still living in tents. The Democratic coin phrase humanitarian crisis only applies to another country's people. They are going to use your tax dollars to save them while you all rot. Get out now!

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    CNN is so aroused right now, they have another crisis to dwell on while not giving a shit about it.

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    It would be sad if anyone drowns, but if anyone does let's hope it's Republicans.

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    does the "Navy flood map" come to anyone's mind these days?

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    Solution: Yell 3 times "climate change is a liberal hoax" at the storm and like magic it will disappear.

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    I don't understand why people keep staying and rebuilding that damn city God keep on whipping it out. He's doing for a reason did anyone rebuild Babylon

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    The rabid radicalized socialist new democrat party do not want the " citizen question " in the 2020 census is just they are planning to allow millions of illegal aliens to vote in 2020 elections . Fraud !

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    I am glad I left New Orleans 2 months ago. I now live in Dallas.

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    Our 'rouge' governor on the Communist News Network

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    I'm a Republican, so my family is immune to the extreme weather caused by "climate change." This "storm" is for libs only! MAGA!

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    Like melbourne and yet your kind go and build on the flood plains? on the sponge?😕

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    I hope the levee system holds!

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    Let us hope all those people living in low-lying areas in the path of this storm evacuate soon and stay away until flood waters recede. Better safe and inconvenienced than drowned. Renters– if you evacuate in your vehicle then that vehicle will not get ruined by flood waters. Never mind trying to protect the stuff in your rented home, your vehicle is probably worth much more than that.

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    Wanna know the Storm's up upcoming name's GET a Farmers almanac 😜

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    Why the silence on the social media summit. Afraid of the down vote ?

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