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Long-Bailey: 'Corbyn did not speak to aspirational voters'

The Labour leadership candidate took aim at Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto after the party suffered a heavy election defeat.

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  1. Avatar

    Yes….Boris appealed to Northerners who aspired to take the jobs of Bulgarian Car Washers.

  2. Avatar

    The British public had enough when Corbyn said that he wants to implement teachings of British Colonialism and the savagery they committed in other countries. The British public does not like to be reminded of the wrongs they have committed in history, even if it is facts. 😂

  3. Avatar

    Many may aspire…but few will achieve.
    Labour should never use Tory Spin which means something different from what voters think..

  4. Avatar

    Corbynista gets cheers from Corbin supporters…. hearing the same nonsense from someone of the other gender has really changed my mind.

  5. Avatar

    Mass immigration and Identity polotics is destroying Labour and the Left right across the western world.

  6. Avatar

    That's the beauty of these marxist imbeciles, they'll try and talk down to anyone which hopefully should make them unelectable for a generation.

  7. Avatar

    Why is her face too small for her head? She looks strange.

  8. Avatar

    Kind,decent wheat the man who supports terrorists

  9. Avatar

    Labour looking like they will make the same mistake again. Love it!

  10. Avatar

    Rebecca (proving once again she's) Wrong-Dailey

  11. Avatar

    I like her and I'm not even Labour

  12. Avatar

    Liebour gave the working classes aspirations whilst helping sell their jobs to eastern European migrants or workers in China.
    Labour have been the working class' worst enemy over time.
    I can speak for the city of Sheffield which was the world's finest steel manufacturing city, only for it to be decimated by its own council – a LABOUR council.
    The clean air act of the 1950s targetted homes primarily, but the later restrictions on industry did not have to be done in many cases, yet the Sheffield City Council insisted they be done and helped kill off the Lower Don Valley steel production and the thousands of jobs that went with it.

  13. Avatar

    long Bailey said in her speach people were fed up with being ruled by unelected people from Europe, Has she finally woke up to why we voted to leave 3 years ago?

  14. Avatar

    An elected senate creates more problems than it solves.Scrap the lords and replace it with a non elected delegates from each constituency

  15. Avatar

    Thank goodness Nationalism is one the rise.

  16. Avatar

    The far-left and the far-right are fringes in the UK. They will always struggle as seen with the post-Farage UKIP and Jeremy Corbyn. If Labour elects this clown, the conservatives will be in power for at least 20 years (2010-2030).

  17. Avatar

    None of the runners for leader going to talk about the mass grooming covered up by their party? Of course not…

  18. Avatar

    What a load of left wing crap..she should stick to playing the banjo like she did in the film Deliverence

  19. Avatar

    Jeremy Corbyn was toi much of a left person and labour should of been more to the middle really that's why people dont vote for labour

  20. Avatar

    It must be a hell of a job finding these candidates because I've met plenty of fools in my time and I've worked all over the country, and I've never met people less qualified to lead a party than these fools, do the labour party think they can win with any of these losers.

  21. Avatar

    I'd be surprised if whoever wins lasts longer than two years.

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