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Londoners enjoy night out before Tier 2 restrictions kick in

Police fought to enforce coronavirus laws in London last night as they faced defiance from both protesters and drinkers refusing to go home. After being turfed out of pubs and bars at 10pm, crowds spilled on to the streets of Soho (pictured) where an anti-lockdown rally, which counted Piers Corbyn among its ranks, was gathering. Officers were forced to make arrests (top right) after encountering an alarming lack of compliance just hours before Covid restrictions were tightened even further as the capital was plunged into Tier 2. Londoners are waking up this morning to more curbs on everyday life, with two households now banned from meeting indoors unless they have formed a support bubble. Boris Johnson yesterday thanked mayor Sadiq Khan for working with the Government to place the capital into the higher alert level – and urged Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham to also cooperate. Mr Burnham is resisting the Prime Minister’s move to place the region into Tier 3 and is instead agitating for a nationwide lockdown, leaving negotiations with ministers deadlocked. But Mr Johnson yesterday used a Downing Street press briefing to warn that he is prepared to elevate Greater Manchester unilaterally, sparking council leaders to signal they are willing to come to the table. Lancashire leaders yesterday struck a deal with Government and joined Liverpool in the most severe Tier 3 bracket, meaning all pubs and restaurants must close unless they can serve food. 

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  1. Avatar

    I could actually cry due to the ignorant comments I've read here.
    Educate yourselves, volunteer in a healthcare setting?
    Self centred imbiciles

  2. Avatar

    Coronovirus: Get my keys, coat, phone we going infecting

  3. Avatar

    I know what we can do let's all hang out in massive groups lol

  4. Avatar
    Flying Emperor Penguin

    Well hey I don’t blame them for not doing that.But anyway no one is going to follow the rules in areas like Oxford they will probably just carry on as usual.They only had one shot at making everyone scared and wanting them to stay at home but they blew it and they are trying to re-do it which will NOT work.

  5. Avatar



  6. Avatar

    Just as something i've noticed. I'm a delivery driver, I used to be driving more expensive things high up in the sky but this virus brought me down to earth pretty quick.. I'm absolutely thrilled that most people I deliver too all round the local boroughs are not scared, fearful or cowed by this virus. Not like the media would have you believe! Most people come to the door, smile on faces, take shopping off you with their bare hands and don't care how close they get. A lot want you to take it inside, especially if they are elderly.. no problem. All the King's men would have you believe this was the worst thing for mankind and they want you to believe these people are in the minority, but they are not, I promise you that! The very few minority, and I mean maybe 2% come to the door with a mask on or don't want you to get too close etc. I'm so glad many have no longer continued munching on the propaganda machine. I speak to them as well about it and the consensus is people just want to thrive and live out there lives, even for a little risk of dying. I'll always take the correct precautions with my customers regardless, as I don't want to leave anyone upset

  7. Avatar

    This whole event is to push the 'great reset' on humanity. The virus is just the excuse. It's nothing. Why can't you idiots understand. All you have todo is listen to Bojo's Tory conference speech. He was simply listing WEF bullet points.

  8. Avatar

    Imagine shutting down people and an economy over the country's 24th-biggest killer. Imagine doing all this just because a few people are dying of a flu. It's bizarre.

  9. Avatar
    zonaib Najaf Mufti

    Its more like Lahore

  10. Avatar

    Wtf is wrong with these people

  11. Avatar

    What's wrong with Tesco u dumb people

  12. Avatar

    it will be tier 3 now

  13. Avatar

    When the people drink and enjoy themselves outside. I hope they think about the poor innocent people who have lost their lives from covid 19 and also their loved ones who have lost them cheaply from this horrible virus.

  14. Avatar

    Well looking at this the whole of London will be in hospital and on their death beds by the end of next week. Prepare the Nightingale Hospitals for the onslaught.

  15. Avatar

    Great way to celebrate tier 2 measures and ensure tier 3 will be next 😊👍

  16. Avatar
    Anu & Ben’z Kitchen

    Dumb Dumber Dumbest

  17. Avatar

    You'll never see so many police at any other time than under this farce.

  18. Avatar

    Covid-19 crew🔙https://youtu.be/T90BnUwYt7Y

  19. Avatar

    That's a different title to the Liverpool one…

  20. Avatar

    Shame, looks like they coming out of prison…very desperate for a drink…shame.

  21. Avatar

    We need more freedom fighters.

  22. Avatar
    The 10 Minute Woodworker

    Fascist Britain.

  23. Avatar

    Please continue and stop curfew
    Covid-19 is deception of WHO
    why criminal case is still not done against WHO
    This is just a flu.
    This is just Influenza where every year half million to 1 million die.
    There are many benefitted and silent. If not then please come out prosecute WHO and every concerned in every Country.

  24. Avatar

    How convenient that covid-19 is only dangerous AFTER the restrictions…

  25. Avatar

    But the BLM marches were perfectly safe and mostly peaceful. 🤯

  26. Avatar

    You can stick your new world order up your ass!

  27. Avatar


    People outside gathering in groups having a drink, socialising and enjoying themselves??…..how dare they.
    This is a crime punishable by death!!!!!!!!

    (for all the non-British people and retards out there, this is what we call sarcasm)

    This shouldn't be 'news' because it's what people have been doing for hundreds of years.

  28. Avatar

    The virus never sleeps its deadly speed has no boundaries. This virus destroys all that it knows..and it knows everyone …is this the beginning of the end?

  29. Avatar

    Crucial Viral Update: Why are the Media Undermining Science and Data???
    In light of the graphs of the insanely bogus projections vs. the actual data, will Boris, "In-peril" College and the rest of the guilty will save face after finishing off Britain by again flaunting the wildly bogus projections as fact, and then say that the "knockdown" was a complete success, and if not for Boris's heroic and visionary action saved tens of thousands of lives?

  30. Avatar

    Imagine if the virus was actually real and all the Karen’s and middle class stuck up idiots were right all along and all the rest of us were actually being selfish by not distancing and wearing masks.

  31. Avatar

    When are they going to isolate the virus ? And get rid of the up to 75% false positive test. Its simple, the more testing the more mass false positives, the hysteria and more control.

  32. Avatar

    I wonder if covid 19 gets shift allowance?I wish he would just go on days regular like the rest of us so we can out and enjoy ourselves after work

  33. Avatar

    Look at those covidiots

  34. Avatar

    Look at all those dirty spreaders they should be ashamed of themselves

  35. Avatar

    So glad Covid got the memory lockdown starts tomorrow.

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