Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak: Key highlights from Tory Leadership Hustings, Cardiff

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Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak: Key highlights from Tory Leadership Hustings, Cardiff | Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss pitched themselves to Tory members in Cardiff on Wednesday.
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Zack jacobsen August 4, 2022 - 4:18 PM

Liz Truss will win and be the next Prime minister

валерий гольштейн August 4, 2022 - 4:21 PM

😅😅😅 My strong support to both of them from Russia🤓🤓🤓🤓

Priscillia Eric August 4, 2022 - 4:33 PM

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Alex Meredith August 4, 2022 - 4:38 PM

The refugee convention is 71 years old and needs updating first..

Joy Joey August 4, 2022 - 4:38 PM

Truss can be trusted.

Joy Joey August 4, 2022 - 4:39 PM

Truss will not forget the working class for their contribution to Great Britain.

Daily Mail August 4, 2022 - 4:40 PM

Who are you more impressed by so far?

Joy Joey August 4, 2022 - 4:40 PM

Truss is the genuine British with blood flows through generations in Britain. She is the one we must support.

Brave Spender August 4, 2022 - 4:42 PM

this political party of criminals is over.

Jp18EST August 4, 2022 - 4:46 PM

What the UK and Europe needs to do is start deporting all these foreigners they always complaining about what western Europe did with 400 yrs of slavery well what about the 700 yrs that whites where slaved by persons or colour gets some balls and start sending them back to there own countries or this is not eurostan or britistan

Janakpurdham Nepal🇳🇵 August 4, 2022 - 5:06 PM

Rishi Sunak