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Living under house arrest in Putin's Russia – BBC News

Russian activist Anastasia Shevchenko is facing six years in prison for her opposition political activism.

Anastasia has been under strict house arrest awaiting trial for over a year – banned from communicating with anyone other than officials and her relatives.

Those conditions have just been eased slightly, allowing her to talk about her case to the BBC for the first time.

She’s accused of links to a pro-democracy group Open Russia UK, which has been banned in Russia as ‘undesirable’ and a “threat to state security”.

BBC Moscow correspondent Sarah Rainsford went to meet Anastasia.

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  1. Avatar

    The real face of AdolfPutin Russia.?????++??

  2. Avatar

    Free my countryman Julian Assange or the backlash against british interest here will be several times harsher

  3. Avatar

    I.m thinking we should have Ozxit from you

  4. Avatar

    Democrats fix elections not Russians.

  5. Avatar

    hello from russia u break law = law break you

  6. Avatar

    Oh BBC up to your usual games are you ?

  7. Avatar

    We have our own political activist being punished, bullied and held in jail for telling the truth here too, called Julian Assange. But of course, you won’t hear the bbc reporting on our government doing this to freedom of speech in England. So much for bbc journalists ignoring their own. Shame.

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    I am ill for a long time and I am a student. I need some money so I can get better treatment and pay my fees. Can you help me ?

  9. Avatar

    Communist BBC trying to fool you that Putin is the communist not the BBC.

    Lying propaganda.

  10. Avatar

    Now it is the turn of anti-Russian propaganda, next more anti-Chinese BS, then anti-Assad…etc….

  11. Avatar

    True fact. She does not want her country to become N. Korea .

  12. Avatar

    Just another ACTORvist.
    BBC jts happened to stumble upon them…

  13. Avatar

    Good luck to you anastasia. Im an englishman & we in england take these freedoms for granted. Lets all hope through the actions of people like you the world has the same freedoms

  14. Avatar

    Nothing positive ever happens in Russia according to the BBC propaganda. I wonder how our press and government would react to a political movement here that was registered in Russia?

  15. Avatar

    Does anybody know why the unelected nazi old fart ''queen'' Elizabeth, her homosexual son ''prince'' Charles, her paedophile son ''prince'' Andrew and their braindead slaves hate Russia?

  16. Avatar

    Come get murdered by police for same thing in America. police murder if you scare them. poor baby… house arrest is nothing.. in USA the force you to pay $100 a day. They don't care, you are a tax making pawn.

  17. Avatar

    Genius, they reduce their expectations of life and the future in general. They become drones.

  18. Avatar

    I’m in house arrest in Saudi Arabia cus of pot 🙂

  19. Avatar

    This video will get her & the boy killed!

  20. Avatar

    Well done the BBC, have you not been banned from taking pictures in good old Russia yet.

  21. Avatar

    Butina was jailed in the US , so she's been treated much better.

  22. Avatar

    Are you sure the Democrats are not behind this sounds like so propaganda might be going on? No need for anyone to answer that’s Just my opinion

  23. Avatar

    So communism is what it is eh No first amendment in Russia 🤨

  24. Avatar

    Does anyone find it hilarious that a woman without any weapons is labeled as a threat to state security? How vulnerable is that state?
    No wonder we have such a close relationship with Russia. Like father like son.

  25. Avatar

    Western counties do every things to show other worse than themselves.This show is one of them.

  26. Avatar

    So she's anti Putin, on house arrest for it, but allowed to talk to the BBC? For starters, that last part seems strange. Second, it's surprising she wasn't disappeared.

    Although she's right that there's a major lack of democracy there, it leads to a feeling that there's a piece missing that we're not being told about.

    But as always, I'm just some dude on the internet; NeverMetTheGuy.

  27. Avatar

    welll , seems better than getting the " Bone Saw treatment " from rouge operatives in a consulate.

  28. Avatar

    It's better then jail so y she bitching

  29. Avatar

    What was she doing; pushing Communism in a former, Communist country?

  30. Avatar

    Vladimir Putin is the Persecutor of religious minorities(they aren't terrorist)too. He is Satan's son.

  31. Avatar

    Looks like the chick on 90 day fiance.

  32. Avatar

    Ask Benadette …How were Irish prisoners treated in British prisons?

  33. Avatar

    I wish Putin would hack the government and release the outcome of the investigation the British government did on the grooming gangs.

  34. Avatar

    Russia is a shit hole compared to the rest of Europe

  35. Avatar

    Are you kidding me? This truly is Putin's Russia. Ketchup on a hotdog? That is child abuse.

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