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“Lives at risk” as UK government confirms thousands of Covid cases missed in data blunder – BBC News

Tens of thousands of people are being urgently traced — after a technical blunder meant they were not informed they had been in close contact with someone who has Covid — when they should have been told to self-isolate.

A technical issue in transferring positive results from laboratories meant almost 16,000 positive cases of the infection were missed. All those who tested positive were informed. But their close contacts were not – and many have not been traced.

Many of the cases are in parts of northern England already under local lockdown due to a surge in coronavirus infections.

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock told parliament the problems have not yet been resolved and the incident should never have happened.

Labour’s health spokesman Jonathan Ashworth said the missing results were “putting lives at risk”.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health editor Hugh Pym and Danny Savage in Leeds.

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    Life is about living not lasting as long as you can!

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    Done on Purpose …
    We're not silly Mr Wancock!!
    Work together my Arse
    You're cock up.
    Just admit it " You don't know what you're doing "
    Bloody idiots running our Country.
    Who the Hell can stop these IDIOTS??

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    My modelling suggests the pandemic's first wave is 66% done – forecasting yet another 670,000 deaths worldwide – incl 60,000 American victims; 2,670 in the UK & 820 across Canada.

    Based on changing mortality rates of the novel coronavirus in recent weeks, today's update of TRENDLines Research's Covid-19 fatalities model projects the ultimate 2020 deaths in wave#1 will be 1.67 million worldwide (present toll 1,110,000 + 560,000 future) including 270,000 in the USA (210K toll + 60K future); 44,800 in the UK (42,130 toll + 2,670 future) & 10,160 in Canada (9,340 toll + 820 future).

    The model indicates wave#1 was essentially suppressed Aug 2nd in the UK & Aug 7th Canada-wide. But premature relaxation of shelter-in-place, physical distancing, masking, testing & contact tracing means early sacrifices in all four jurisdictions were in vain as they all suffer some degree of re-opening related relapse.

    Nine months into this pandemic, efforts to contain Covid19 worldwide continue to falter. Today's worldwide daily-deaths rate of 4,300 is 56% over its post-peak low set in late May. Blame is especially cast on the USA which hosts 45% of today's global "active" cases. Its pathetic re-opening strategy has vaulted American daily-deaths to 500 – 66% over its rate back in early July.

    The model's chart, underlying stats & analyst commentary (by Freddy Hutter) are updated weekly at www.trendlines.ca

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    They are tripling down on the LIES! All Lies, what is the agenda here, that is the million dollar question.

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    All total BS, real cov deaths = 0

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    Lies. All of it. Time to wake up. Comments section open so they know who the malcontents are.

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    Everyday life in a necro state.

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    Utter bs through & through !

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    I get the feeling that we're in a kind of 'If you get it – you get it' type situation
    Despite following all the rules (which I'll continue to do…. erring on the side of caution), I do not feel safe or secure.

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    scare mongering bullshit

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    Billie Piper’s Teeth


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    So what your saying is the virus is even less deadly than we thought..

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    School boy error

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    Lock down until hard brexit…shit

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    "technical issue" – translation: an idiot f**ked up.

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    Shame n may God’s curse upon this mafia who have hijacked whole Britain …. shameless fleshs in power

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    Honestly I can’t be arsed anymore they may as well prosecute the whole population for murder because if you’re “putting lives at risk” by not wearing a mask, not social distancing etc. for a virus with a 0.26% infection/mortality rate then that’s like calling someone a murderer because they drove to the shops and someone was killed in a car crash round the corner



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    Why is the north of England having such high number of cases? Were the places opened too early? Is this due to their lifestyle? Nobody has been able to explain why the north is suffering so much.
    I must remember to pray for northern England.

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    Boris n the criminal gang just their to get rich off taxpayers. They don't give a damn they will kill 500k more to full up their offshore accounts. They give their dunce friends all the contracts effectively trying to do something they can't hence sacrifice lives. Brexit will compound things .
    Conpiracy theories won't help

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    It’s designed to be faulty so they can say “track and trace isn’t working so we can use chips which can detect straight away if anybody has come into contact with someone who’s positive and nobody can enter a private place without it!” And with everyone doing tests they have all our DNA on database and will have all our location on file….

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    Fake virus don't track and trace don't download the app don't get tested even if they offer you a £50 Amazon voucher don't conform don't werar a mask turn off face BBC the fake virus will go away

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    We all need to get out in protest, keep the vulnerable at home and go for herd immunity to make their vaccine irrelevant. Deny boris his narcissistic supply and then grab some popcorn and sit back to watch his epic meltdown broadcast live for our entertainment.

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    Was only other day they was saying over millions of people have it in UK. Now its 10s of thousands haha this just a scam and a money maker for this evil government.

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    thanks tits magee….

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    Lies lies lies.. there are a few that can stay in government… the rest will be forced out

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    Question has anyone here actually know someone who actually died of covid and not from some underlying health issues prior to it? I’ve been curious .

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    im in leeds ive seen nobody infected..nobody dead..whats going on? i must live on a diff planet because its not here!

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    When will people wake up…soon they will tell you infection rate has increased due to wearing face masks. It has given people false sense security and therefore they will say wearing face mask is not mandatory and the sheeps 🐑 will say yes you are right baah

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    When will Hancock admit he’s done a rubbish job?

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    Im sure we are just pieces on a game for the elites..

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    Now Beats It But 13

    I was wondering if I stabbed 5 people to death after they tested positive, would I still face prosecution? Since they are counted as corona deaths anyway 🤔

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