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Live: Trump Participates in Signing Ceremony for the Great Outdoors Act | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Trump participates in a signing ceremony for The Great Outdoors Act at the White House.

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Watch live: Trump participates in signing ceremony for the Great Outdoors Act

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  1. Avatar

    What about Donald's eliminations of public lands? More taken and given to big business than any president in American history?

  2. Avatar

    What about Donald removing us from the Paris Climate Agreement?

  3. Avatar

    OMG….. WTH is his brain……. It’s a given that Trump’s presidency is done, he does not care that he has nearly 160k lives lost on his hands, has not bothered to acknowledge the families of those who have died of COVID19, he has been busy meddling in business dealings, golf, EOs with Tech Workers, selfies with an upside down bible, and beans and fighting to stop voting by mail…… You sir are America’s despicable atrocity and you have got to be stopped…… Time for the circus to pack up and leave Delaware…… Happy Birthday Barack Obama💯❤️🗽🇺🇸🏛🤜🏾🤛🏻🧁🥳 #44ForeverMyPOTUS

  4. Avatar

    What about Donald's roll backs on the release of Methane on public and tribal lands?

  5. Avatar

    The clown going down

  6. Avatar
    Malcolm Valentine

    these idiots believe concrete and asphalt are naturally occurring substances

  7. Avatar
    Malcolm Valentine


  8. Avatar

    I think the Republican and Democrat are just going around on the stimulus check and the package , maybe we need to replace the democrats and Republicans replace all of them. They are just playing with Americans. They don't care.

  9. Avatar

    Anything for an applause, photo op and being able to give out souvenirs – no social distancing and I see the little girl trying not to stand too close to the IMPOTUS – at least he signed something positive for once. And also manages to mangle the script with his usual pat on the back and lies. Vote vote 💙💙💙🇺🇸💙💙💙🇺🇸💙💙💙🇺🇸

  10. Avatar

    Over than 150,000 died. In the last 4 month. And these guys having fun

  11. Avatar

    The most anti-American president ever along with the Republican party Putin's crew at work

  12. Avatar

    How long is it going to take for Americans to lose their house's vehicle and food before we get help we need it now

  13. Avatar

    Joe Biden picks Michelle Obama as his VP choice.

  14. Avatar

    America is number 6 on all countries 🇺🇸 use to be number 1 what happened???

  15. Avatar

    This is dumbest gathering

  16. Avatar

    Trump is avoiding questions from journalists

  17. Avatar

    Question for the guards; But wheres the other boys' clam chowdar

  18. Avatar

    TRUMP will be FOrGOTTEN!! He is HISTORY!!! Dont want to remember him dont want to let the next generation to learn about HIM….the country's BIGGEST MISTAKE!!!

  19. Avatar

    Trumps got my vote. .now even more

  20. Avatar
    jamsheela kakkadan

    (Al-Maeda) 5 : 67

    Oh you Messenger! You convey whatever has been sent down to you from your Lord, and if you didn’t do so, you didn’t have convey His Message, and Lord Allah is enough to protect you from mankind, indeed, Lord Allah doesn’t guide the disbelieving people.

    All the 313 Messengers from Nooh to Muhammad is given one Message which is Adhikr. It is the Letter from the Lord to the entire mankind. Messenger Muhammad conveyed It to the people of his period as much as he could, as well as his companions. But after 30 years of his departure, Islam was deteriorated and 999 out of 1000 Arabic Quran reading Fujjars became true disbelievers as explained in verses 4: 150-151. They didn’t try to learn or teach people Adhikr. Instead by the influence of Jews and Christians, they started to promote the books written by the 29 pseudo-prophets and hypocritical leaders as explained in verses 2: 78-79 and 3: 78. So these disbelievers can never understand Adhikr and they will be never guided.

    The odd believer holdfasts the Lord by holding fast Adhikr—the Unbreakable Rope—and conveys It to the entire worlds for forming harmony of mankind as well as extending the life of universe. He always tries to spread the Light of Lord –Adhikr- where as the disbelievers always try to extinguish It. See the explanation 2: 99; 3: 108 and 5: 48.

    From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord's Book


  21. Avatar

    Signing the outdoors act that John Lewis worked for!

  22. Avatar
    Gabriele Kratochvil

    seriously, park beautification in a pandemic where people lose jobs, housing and health. i mourn you great america

  23. Avatar
    Gabriele Kratochvil

    ok, now I understand that he is doing this for all the future homeless people. They can sleep in the beautiful parks

  24. Avatar

    And Billons for his Companys with this Act

  25. Avatar

    Kudos President Trump: I’m glad to see him following in Teddy Roosevelt’s steps.

  26. Avatar
    Gabriele Kratochvil

    I just wonder, do his golf courses count as great outdoors?

  27. Avatar

    he just wants to exploit the wilderness area,s oil gold and gread

  28. Avatar

    Pence really kisses that big butt.

  29. Avatar

    All these Master Baters

  30. Avatar

    Its only fitting to America that all of you get out

  31. Avatar

    Bla bla bla bla thas the only thing he is good about

  32. Avatar

    Giving money to corporation. Not for aiding people.

  33. Avatar

    Stipping parks for mining.

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