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Live: Pompeo, Colombian Foreign Minister deliver joint statements

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo deliver statements to the press following a closed meeting. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Totally on the right track for both countries. Thank you Pompey and President Trump, and present Columbian leadership. Let's together make our Nations Drug free and prospering. Eradicating world powerty, and corruption.🇺🇸🇩🇰🐦🦅

  2. Avatar

    Dont forget to thank him for all of the cocaine the CIA imports into the US, and the percentages the top agencies reap.

  3. Avatar

    🇺🇸 how's that for a mike drop. Report on what said not media agenda. 🇺🇸

  4. Avatar

    I am not an economist, but correct my statement. A producer exist because a consumer exist. If a consumer doesn't exist the producer will bankrupt.
    By the way Perú dissolved the Congress and there is an inter president, just like in Venezuela. Her name is Mercedez Araoz, when is the USA going to recognize her as the legitimate president?

  5. Avatar

    Perhaps the nice Colombian minister can teach Pompeo about the "rule of law" coz he shure doesn't have a clue

  6. Avatar

    Colombia, please keep China out of your country.

  7. Avatar

    So find out who took over for the Clinton, Bush cocaine cartel and you'll end the problem.

  8. Avatar

    I just hope the government doesn't keep the money for themselves.

  9. Avatar

    That was great no questions from the Fake media.

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Carlos Holmes Trujillo, es otra ficha de URIBE, MR. POMPEO y MR TRUMP, uds no se han dado cuenta, le estan brindando ayuda al NARCOtraficante URIbe… se han violado todos los TIPOS de Derechos humanos en COLOMBIA y el autor es un gobierno BAJO GOLPE DE ESTADO (Under Uribe Coup), MR URIBE its a CORNERSTONE Of Deep State in Latinoamerica…

  12. Avatar

    I have never been more ashamed to be an American. We have turned our back on a faithful ally, who is largely responsible for containing ISIS in the region, and are condemning the Kurdish people to likely slaughter, which is what the Turkish government’s promise to “neutralize” them amounts to. When this happens, will Trump make good on his threat to “obliterate” Turkey’s economy? No, that would upset Putin and his friend Erdogan. Will he feel an ounce of responsibility for the genocide he caused? No, because he is a sociopath. He and the Republican Party that enable him will have blood on their hands.

  13. Avatar

    Keep AMERICA and Colombia great

  14. Avatar

    So good to see positive things happen with our neighbors

  15. Avatar

    Corrupt officials corrupt FBI agents corrupt CIA agents are making everyone sick of politics charge every one that is connected with treason even the cowards that would not tell on their superiors for the criminal acts that they have committed against the US people an the US Constitution

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    News staements is the only time you can get real news from the media rest of the time is just the same old liberal crap

  18. Avatar

    I love how they both walk out and do not give Fake news the time of day .

  19. Avatar

    how many people out there believe the murdoch family is the most evil family on earth

  20. Avatar

    US manufacturers should look to Colombia as an alternative to "Made in China". Modern Colombia respects human rights and supply chain is much quicker.

  21. Avatar

    Was in Medellin Colombia for Flower Festival. Saw Venezuelan's everywhere. Sad. Women on the street with children in sad shape an begging for food an money. Where is the money going. They are in desperate shape. The Colombian people are resentful to them because they compete for jobs. Many are educated an speak English. They need help. Would rather have them who can speak English seeking asylum then the ones crossing border who can't. USA needs to find out where money is going. Not in politicians pockets.

  22. Avatar

    Ehh? Eradicating cash crops will never be successful.

    See marijuana. See poppy.

    Plants grow. Because thats what they do. And if the plant is worth money, people will continue to plant them.

  23. Avatar

    They need to only answer questions that have to do with the topic at hand, no more going off script,

  24. Avatar

    Looks like the majority of them were college snots still wet behind the ears! A product of the permissive generation . . . spoiled brats with no character, no discipline, no accountability, and no professional ethics! It is time that the so-called press gets back to doing their jobs ETHICALLY and report the news — not the BIAS that their owners TELL them to propagandize the country as they pollute the ears of those FOOLS who will listen to their trash!

  25. Avatar

    God bless Secretary of State Mike Pompeo!

  26. Avatar

    I wouldn't answer any questions to the Fake media either!!👍

  27. Avatar

    Lol News Media.. did they hear anything? I guess we will see on the News. 😂. Of course they had no questions on the info presented… they had ‘prepared’ questions on the fake impeachment process! Leftist media paid by left supporters. So dishonorable to REAL HISTORIC REPORTERS.

  28. Avatar

    I love when they don't recognize the hypocrites in the media.

  29. Avatar

    Congress is not trying to impeach President Trump. Pelosie and Schiff are trying to do it all by themselves!

  30. Avatar

    Arrest the entire orange cheeto administration

  31. Avatar

    Guess he didn't have time to take any questions. This administration is a joke.

  32. Avatar

    Hmm Here’s a thought Why don’t we just do business with Colombia instead of China? Just a thought

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    Too little too late ,,,United States of mexilumbia

  35. Avatar

    They should shoot Nerf guns at the "press" before leaving. Not a word spoken. 🙂

  36. Avatar

    Fox news sounds more and more like RT news. Every wannabe dictator needs propaganda.

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