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Live Breaking news from USA TODAY

Live Breaking news from USA TODAY

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    This news are too "breaking",like it already has broken several minds by its name

    (Sorry for bed england)

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    OMG! Pompeo is off the drugs today and he almost said something I agree with. But it isn't just Iran. All Abrahamic rubbish ruins people's culture and future. Also, the main context of the first amendment is freedom from religion, but we are nice enough to still let the idiots exist. Unlike them, who burned scientists as witches. Religious freedom as he speaks of, is the UK, which has an official church. Oh, and if you wind up in a war with Iran, you better totally win or you're going down to number 3 and you won't be in the waters anywhere near Russia and China no more.

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    Was that actually a swap with Qasem Soleimani ? 🔥 🌹 👍

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    Such Evil..So spineless..SO MANY LIES…

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    LOL pump Hales reference to a peace mission is our reaction to Trump trying to control corruption 😅😅😅

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