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Live: Biden Delivers Remarks in Gettysburg | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Joe Biden delivers remarks while campaigning in Gettysburg, Penn.

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Watch live: Biden delivers remarks in Gettysburg

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  1. Avatar

    I would like to say Thank You to all those Undecided and The Republicans that will Vote for Joe Biden it is with great Gratitude that you put We the People this Country the hope it needs at this time I Thank You for the Sacrifice you are making it is only for 4 Years then God willing we will be headed on track once again and you can Vote for your PT once again Truly America Thanks you and God Bless

  2. Avatar

    8:30 who’s calling and trolling 😂🇺🇸
    The universal iPhone ringtone

  3. Avatar

    Good speech Mr Biden!

  4. Avatar

    Sound check please? I can't read lips. Don't tell me to turn up the volume. It is already cranked up all the way. I had to turn the volume down when the commercials hit so as not to blow my speakers.

  5. Avatar

    Yeah Yeah Yeah You Go Joe Tell The Way It Is.

  6. Avatar

    Everyone NEEDS to watch these movies NOW – TODAY
    and see the Truth and Fact of the Democrats > YOU MAY LiKe this and actually think these things ( but it is not the American way nor hold up to the bill of rights and the constitution of the united states 🇺🇸

    2016: OBAMA’s America (2012 film)

    AMERICA: Imagine the World without Her (2014 Film)

    Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (2016 film)

    DEATH IF A NATiON (2018 film)
    and Coming our 10-09-2020

    TRUMP CARD (2020 film)

    the only reason why you would not watch this is YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH OF FACT !

  7. Avatar

    Anyone tired of getting that political ad with the mother from Good Times, talking about taking the Senate?

  8. Avatar

    Don't worry Joe Biden, my family voted today…. For YOU.

  9. Avatar

    This land belongs to God himself period!!!! We're just caretakers and foolish ones at that!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Biden is wise, humble and honest with integrity and compassion.

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    All go to h*** You know gavino present in

  13. Avatar

    That was rough

  14. Avatar

    This man does great in speech's when he is not being timed I know the feeling I have always be horrid when being timed

  15. Avatar

    More Trump supporters there then Biden supporters but Biden winning in polls?

  16. Avatar

    Feels good for once to see a politician honoring the Union instead of honoring the confederacy. I almost forgot the south lost with our current president.

  17. Avatar

    I want Joe Biden to explain how he plans to 'unite' people like me who believe in the military, law enforcement, borders, the 2nd Amendment, the 'American Dream', peace and prosperity with the Democrats!

  18. Avatar

    why does he literally just walk away and ignore everybody

  19. Avatar

    Joe Biden 2020 god bless America

  20. Avatar

    Lincoln was bipartisan and more Democratic than Republican

  21. Avatar

    This was GREAT. This speech was one of the greatest speeches I've ever heard. I'm so grateful that I watched it. Joe Bien is correct in everything he said.

  22. Avatar

    Mr. Vice President, you have my vote. Make the country worthy of respect again. We have fallen so far. We're broken. I hope the world takes us back, with you and Kamala as our leaders.

  23. Avatar

    I just want him to promise not to tweet 100 times a day! I want peace

  24. Avatar

    Republicans freed the slaves

  25. Avatar

    We donr need to hear about history we learned it in school. We need to know what your plan is

  26. Avatar

    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

  27. Avatar

    He knows it so well, All he's doing is reading it off a teleprompter!!! Doesn't mean he knows a THING about American History!!!

  28. Avatar

    Thank you Vice Pres. Joe Biden! You have given an inspiring speech, the best yet. We support you all the way. Please may god help you reunite this country, and start healing this awful situation we are in right now. I trust with the good conscience of people who will help vote you into office, we will indeed together help you
    bring this country back together. These toxic 3 1/2 + years of the Trump nightmare must end. Lots of work to be done. Keep faith, Joe Biden, help America unite again!👍☮️🙏

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