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Little optimism over post-Brexit trade deal as EU gears up for summit

“The outline of a compromise is not visible. If anything the EU’s position might be hardening on fisheries” said one source close to the talks.


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  1. Avatar
    Valentin Condeescu

    🇪🇺And next a bin. In bin 🇬🇧flag. 😉. Many see less understand.

  2. Avatar

    if you compromise you haven't left common sense tells you that. Boris your time is coming to an end there needs now a hard brexite in charge so we can get out of this corrupt European union now not tomorrow. these corrupt politicians have cost this country billions from the time of the referendum in 2016. they should be put in jail for like.

  3. Avatar

    Australian style deal, and focus on CANZUK

  4. Avatar

    All those meps staying in the best hotels eating Michelin star chefs food best brandy and cigars all paid for by taxpayers can't afford to feed you're families don't worry their expenses are fine the EU gravy train thunders on and on make sure you Europeans pay you're tax more tax coming to you soon yummy

  5. Avatar

    Boris has failed so much why won’t he just walk away ?! It’s bizzare . A no deal will do either side no good . But the Eu are clearly dragging there heals and using the blame game instead of just doing free trade they want part of U.K. sovereignty and clearly it will not work . I never voted in the referendum but it’s abundantly clear the U.K. needs to walk as unelected I may add) socialist politicians in the Eu are just playing games and dragging this out and Boris needs to walk away on wto terms take the hit and move on . I geuss cancerous globalism is stopping him . I’m beginning to wonder why the people ELECTED him on a mandate as he’s not doing what the British people clearly wanted him too . I have no ill will against the European people as mentioned I never voted 🗳 but I will say this the Eu state is destined for destruction leading to all nations being free sovereign countries once again give it another ten years . It’s like a mini china 🇨🇳 . Ran by a Mafia like ring whom are on so much money and they are UNELECTED. Whilst trying to dictate each country it’s madness . All countries should be friends but not controlled by a socialist communist commission. Just opinion . Peace yall ✌️

  6. Avatar

    The EU just can't trust the UK anymore!

  7. Avatar

    We should of just walked away 4 years ago.
    If Boris stand by his manifesto, no fisheries, no state aid, then the Tories are total toast.

    The UK DOES NOT need to concede ANYTHING.
    The EU can either have what WE have offered OR WTO.
    Very VERY simple

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    No Brexit now, the Irish will be finished.

  10. Avatar

    eunews, EU mouth piece.

  11. Avatar

    We need to get out no deal WTO looks very good to me.

  12. Avatar
    Ekenedilichukwu Abol

    NO DEAL ! !

  13. Avatar

    we will get a better deal off the wto than we would off the ecj

  14. Avatar

    if those are the only sticking points then what about everything that has been agreed, what new tariffs are going to be introduced?

  15. Avatar

    If the Tories don't deliver our full sovereignty back then the Tories are finished as a Political force in the UK. A no deal delivers what we the voters voted for.

  16. Avatar

    If the EU truly wants a deal all it needs to do is remove its immoral and unprecedented preconditions to trade talks (akin to Hitler’s preconditions before agreeing to meet Chamberlain on 15 September 1939). It’s hardly surprising that the EU was dreamt up by top Nazi, Walter Hallstein, who went on to become the first President. (It was intended to have an unelected, unaccountable Commission that would be effectively controlled by large German industry sympathetic to the Nazi cause and allow for the emergence of a Fourth Reich! The ridiculous position of the almost entirely Franco-German body smacks of the Nazi dream!

  17. Avatar

    It is rather tragic for the future of the U.K , that a basically uninformed about the consequences and often with little education crowd, voted according to their gut- feeling based on the prejudice that continental Europeans are simply taking advantage of the ' exceptional ' British people

  18. Avatar

    Brexit will soon proven "Nightmare" for UK Citizens: UK GDP will drop up to 40 percents in 2021 compared to 2019 (-40%). Poverty will increase. Most of UK Citizens then will prefer to rejoin EU: Hopefully at 2028. Sir Ed Davey for UK PM 2021-2026 to bring UK rejoining EU and bring back Previous Prosperity & Joe Biden for US President 2021-2024 for More Peaceful World (Friendship between Human Races). Love UK, Love EU, Love UK Inside EU. Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter. Iranian, Syrian, Russian, Belarussian Lives Matter.

  19. Avatar

    This will get rid of the 2 party era, they both will be gone and good riddance, bloody traitors.

  20. Avatar

    We are all coming to London to through you out number 10 and all Tory’s if you let us down on 15 th Being gutless is the last straw for our fisherman. Forget Covid you traitor if you bottle it to Eu.

  21. Avatar

    It wont take long before boris is no more

  22. Avatar

    brexit is a stupid idea

  23. Avatar

    I'm sorry to have to say it but think the only line we are going to hear from Boris is "WE SURRENDER" if that thecxase where's Nigel Farage, we will need an English and with the guts to take on the fight.

  24. Avatar

    This is very simple,,,,brexit meant nothing to do with the EU,,,,4 years still going on and the UK still going about the same old song for over four years,,,now they want a deal but nothing to give back,,and yet breaking an agreement they had and agreed by parliament,,,,,,and still playing silly games to get what they want,,,,,,what has happened to your Brexit? 🤒🤒🤒🤒🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺

  25. Avatar
    Fallout -Clash of Clans

    i want bigger mars bars back and that will take a no deal.

  26. Avatar

    What a load of EU BS, walk away Boris

  27. Avatar

    The EU is vile organisation that the UK does not need in it’s future. Audios euroviles, if you don’t like it, vermin transport can be obtained at Dover on a regular basis

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