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Lindsey Graham has been begging for money on Fox. CNN's Keilar rolls the tape

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is in a dead heat for the Senate seat in South Carolina and is getting vastly outspent by his Democratic challenger.

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    Lol I can’t stand this MAN!

  2. Avatar

    Linsey is a corrupt ,hypocritical coward officials,who needs to be at his home back yard retired and eating ice cream

  3. Avatar

    Lindsey remember Your boss is a cheat.

  4. Avatar

    Lindsey Graham is an amoeba with an over developed central nervous system who was made to look human through a series of operations that the Wolverine is all too familiar with.

  5. Avatar

    Cnn finally getting aggressive 🔥

  6. Avatar

    Those lying Dems are begging for money all the time also.

  7. Avatar

    Lindsey Brown-Noser Graham.

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    Been outraced because we want Lindsey Graham gone !

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    People hate you, they really hate you!!!

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    When you flush your ethics and integrity down the toilet Graham , this is what happens. You have abandoned the constitution and our democracy and i hope you lose your seat in the senate. History will remember your hypocrisy and the damage done by you to this nation and it will not be kind.

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    Lindsey please learn how to pump gas at your local gas stop. Then please learn how to clean a deep fryer at local restaurant. Then just please "GO AWAY"!!!.

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    Christian O. Holz

    It will be a good day when Graham gets booted. The man is a disgrace even by GOP's standards

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    John McCain is rolling in his grave.

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    Sassafrass Yellow

    Fight your own battles pal.

  15. Avatar

    Another Trumpite not wired up right , He will turn orange next

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    Linsey, if you were on fire I wouldn't piss on you to put you out. You are a HORRIBLE person.

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    His name is now turncoat! You can't trust him.

  18. Avatar

    When is Lindsey going to come out who does he think he is kidding.

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    That's only because the DNC is throwing all their money on that campaign banking on beating this great American!!

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    He going by by

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    Graham knows he is going to lose. He will just pocket your donations, not spend it for election, so he will have something after his career.

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    Lindsey Graham need to go out together with his friend Trump he deserves to go nasty personally friend of Mitch they belong together out in the dump

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    Graham has no spine. Much disrespect.

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    Deborahlee Baby boomer

    If only this was Mitch McConnell.

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    Lindsey "5 or 10 bucks goes a long way" Graham

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    Begging fool……

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    As Lindsey said "people hate my gut", it's true because his gut stinks.

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    Super wimp

  29. Avatar

    You reap what you sow, Lindsey.

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    Biden doesn’t even have a plan. Now he’s back in his basement.
    Harris will never be forgiven for licking up people on bs charges.

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    Casimiro Tambunting


  32. Avatar

    Flip flop flip flop….

  33. Avatar

    Trump's the next Tiger

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