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Libya marks national police day amid war

Libya’s internationally recognised government has put on a show of strength to mark national police day.
New recruits have taken centre stage as the government battles various armed groups.
Al Jazeera’s Malik Traina reports from Tripoli.

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  1. Avatar

    turkey france and america made libya to a breeding ground for isis in the middle east

  2. Avatar

    LOL are they the same police that worked for Gaddafi : arresting folk in the dead of night,
    then torturing and executing them ?
    Many victims were found in mass graves still wearing pyjamas.
    Perhaps there could be a monument to the victims.

  3. Avatar
    Patriot extraordinaire

    Good luck Turkey 🇹🇷. Make Libya strong 💪 again. Disarm militias there and help Libya 🇱🇾 stand on its feet.

  4. Avatar

    Hayat Tahrir AlSham sponsored by the state

  5. Avatar

    ماشاءالله؛ اللهم دمرنا عدا أدين

  6. Avatar

    UAE prince won’t sleep tonight 🤣😂

  7. Avatar

    Very nice Africa ❤️

  8. Avatar

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  9. Avatar

    The cops drive bmw

  10. Avatar

    They have better cars than the police in the U.K. lol

  11. Avatar

    Love it when governments say they can't afford health services and can't afford security but then a poor country like this comes out with bmw's all over the place for the police 😂😂

  12. Avatar

    Libya the pride of Africa

  13. Avatar

    What a government and a constitution. Please let the European and American take your oils. Then you guys may get a government and a legit constitution and don't shout again "Democracy Democracy" 1st think about the consequences of it.

  14. Avatar

    Russian 🇷🇺 and Libya 🇱🇾

  15. Avatar

    Love the shinning new BMW fleet, But where are the police?

  16. Avatar

    God bless Turkey a billion…And Libya too

  17. Avatar

    Libyan people & Malatia get united please Remember THE Sacrifice of OmarMukhtar THE great Fighter of Libya.

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  19. Avatar

    Good decision 💜 Libya
    Go ahead GNA

  20. Avatar

    They destroy this country

  21. Avatar

    Libya was better off with gaddafi

  22. Avatar

    Look at the luxurious cars they drive, while the citizens they "serve" starve 🤮

  23. Avatar

    • Not assured about Fethi Bashagha, and I think he's greedy for power.
    • The type of Car and equipment is unnecessary cost, it is a form of corruption since there are more priorities

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