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Liberals worry Conservative push for documents could slow COVID-19 response

Health Minister Patty Hajdu says the government will provide documents to the opposition related to its COVID-19 response, but she’s concerned gathering that information will take time away from public servants working to address the second wave of the pandemic.
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  1. Avatar

    IMF predatory lending at work here?

  2. Avatar
    Shahzad Abu Saad Ali

    Reporter you are pushing. Minister is right, you have priorities in any job. Documents are at very bottom.

  3. Avatar
    Mark Lawson-Tatton

    Our leaders have failed us, they choked; then let a foreign power, the UN, take over our Country, to forcibly change our laws; putting every one of us in mortal danger; not from some manageable and common virus; but from our own Government, who have bent the knee
    Be a sheep, or a wolf. Choose wisely, see you at dinner….

  4. Avatar

    Lock downs are pulling the temple down on our heads. It's all by design.

  5. Avatar
    Mark Lawson-Tatton

    OLD LIONS…are still….LIONS
    There is a line, when crossed; there will be no retreat, there will be no quarter, there will be no mercy. The life of the individual, means little if their very way of life has been taken by acts of sedition, acts of treason, and ultimately acts of war commited against the population of their country.

    Internment is an Act of War against the people. Internment is now happening in Quebec, and Ontario. To all of you who know they are Canadian; this is an Act of War against us, imposed under circumstances designed to generate fear, uncertainty, and division among us.

    There is no reason for any of this, in fact there never was. This was not a pandemic, there was no real threat, as those who released this insanity, had a plan. It started with The Panic Activation Test・to see if the population of the planet was now conditioned well enough for the bigger plan to succeed. I cite…TOILET PAPER

  6. Avatar
    Mark Lawson-Tatton

    The line is crossed; by a foreign power, the UN; actions have been taken against the population of Canada, that has seen our entire civilization completely destroyed, for political purpose; based on a demonstrably false threat, imposed on us by an act of war against the entire Planet, using a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
    Our broadcast networks, CBC (CNN NORTH) CTV, all of the sub channels, are ventriloquist dummies, all sitting with someones hand up their butt, to make them say what is required; or lose your job, your wife, your kids, your house; in many cases, reporters of long standing losing pensions as they were terminated for Insubordination; the result of refusing to lie to the public. There is no going back. Our Government has been overthrown. We have no say in our future, as these seditious, cowardly, politicians have given it away.

  7. Avatar

    Figuring each liberal got a million each minimum.

  8. Avatar

    walk…. gum….

  9. Avatar

    What a bunch of BS read your comments CBC Dylan's believing it

  10. Avatar

    This minister is such a bimbo god save Canada

  11. Avatar

    There seemed to be a consensus on the Power Panel that the Conservative push for documents on the billions of dollars of COVID-related health spending was a "fishing expedition", and not just the Official Opposition doing its job in overseeing massive government spending. Let's face it, Peking Patty has been an incompetent Health Minister, sending some of our PPE equipment to China, encouraging people to support Chinese food restaurants in Chinatown well into February, pooh-poohing the need for border closures. Why would anyone take it for granted that all COVID-related health spending by her department was appropriate?

  12. Avatar

    Just give them the documents. How hard could that be? Oh… you mean you want to censor, edit, redact, etc all of the documents for "security reasons" or something before handing them over.


  13. Avatar

    The last time I checked scientist make vaccines, government officials should be held accountable for their actions…

    Like that's ever going to happen.

  14. Avatar

    That liberal BS is like me telling you, if you keep looking at my bank account, I won't be able to buy anything. STOP THE LIES. We need to get this group of lemmings out of our hair!

  15. Avatar

    how can she laugh about this ,wearing a mask will give you more chances of getting sick.

  16. Avatar

    The Liberals are politicizing Covid…..another new low.

  17. Avatar

    covid is all a lie – a smokescreen to usher in communism. wake UP people

  18. Avatar

    health minister LMFAO…a useless teenage runaway that handed out pamphlets at a drug clinic that pointed out" this is your brain (showing a normal conservative healthy brain), this is your brain on drugs (picture of a dried up, shriveled tumor of a liberal brain)"

  19. Avatar

    We want the truth.
    Not your garbage "vaccine".

  20. Avatar

    Ya no thanks for the vaccines. Also let's get these liberals in jail. Things will start rolling once Trump wins the election, the liberal disease needs to go, this scam has been going on too long.

  21. Avatar

    No Mandatory Vaccine. Optional only or War.

  22. Avatar

    The Liberals are only worried about evidence of their corruptions coming to light.

  23. Avatar

    The government has secured 358 million doses of a yet not developed vaccine?? What the hell…what’s the cost of that? A billion dollars or so? You know, if you didn’t know better, it wouldn’t be hard to surmise that this whole Covid debacle is all in an effort to allow the pharmaceutical industry to rob the treasury of every last cent they/we have. (March 1 2020…There’s a very concerning coronavirus that has appeared in China. Although not much is know at this time one thing is for sure. Life will not go back to normal until there’s a vaccine.) Boom, you’ve just been marketed at Jack.

  24. Avatar

    Horrible “minister “ ! These people need to be removed!

  25. Avatar

    So asking for 1 bureaucrat to give us papers is gonna slow down the response? That's the biggest BS I've heard in a while.

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