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Liberals win 2 Toronto federal byelections

Liberal candidates Marci Ien and Ya’ara Saks have won federal byelections in two Toronto ridings. 

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  1. Avatar

    If you are not corrupt your own party will do U in.

  2. Avatar

    Why is it nobody knew about these elections until they were over ?

  3. Avatar

    66% voter turnout in the last federal election in Toronto Centre. 31% turnout in this by-election. I don't think that mandate is on very stable ground.

  4. Avatar

    these are the d'oh new immigrants

  5. Avatar
    canadian survivalist

    Yaay more liberal media in government liberal minds are fascinating

  6. Avatar

    This is why we can’t have nice things. Toronto runs the show. Marci Ien needs to have a long talk with the women of colour in the Liberal caucus and how valued they truly are.

  7. Avatar

    More embarrassment from and for Toronto.

  8. Avatar

    If you are white there was literally pie charts on Canada revenue about how by 2100 the plan is for white people to be around 20% of the population. I think they got removed. Take that how you want it. This was done under Harper I even remember hearing about a quote he said that went something like how old stock Canadians won't like it but can't do anything about it.

  9. Avatar

    Corrupt media and politicians working together.

  10. Avatar

    Can CBC please investigate Liberal corruption?!?

  11. Avatar

    They cheated !!!!

  12. Avatar
    Beastly Endeavour

    Voting for your own demise. Insanity in the city.

  13. Avatar

    York Centre is full of pensioners, scared the Conservatives will cut their pension off. Weird.

  14. Avatar

    Let me guess, both heavily immigrant.

  15. Avatar

    when is the law going to change on voting mps vs the PM.

  16. Avatar

    Liberal fortress Toronto!

  17. Avatar

    You want affordable housing? Stop voting for corrupt politicians who bend over for foreign investors.

  18. Avatar

    first place corrupt liberal party, second place green party a glimpse of the radical left future we are headed towards

  19. Avatar

    Hopefully they dont start burning buildings down.

  20. Avatar

    How sad are Torontonians? They are the center of the Canadian Universe and keep voting Liberal – the most corrupt government ever. It is sad they just ignore the issues of the rest of the country.

  21. Avatar

    Doug Ford really screwed is he a LIBERAL in DISGUISE

  22. Avatar

    What happened to that black woman's hair? Nobody told her that her wig fell off before going on camera? SMH Racism.

  23. Avatar

    They just can't get enough of Liberal corruption in Toronto.

  24. Avatar

    Vote buying should be illegal

  25. Avatar


    Toronto Center and York are filled with people that have:





    Well done Toronto.

    You've proven that you don't care about criminals running things.

    Therefore, you and your families deserve every rotten thing that happens to you.

    Then again, psychopaths are incapable of feeling for anything else, but themselves.

  26. Avatar

    60th civilian-on-civilian hand gun homicide of the year happened in Toronto yesterday.
    Keep on voting for the same thing.

  27. Avatar

    Yes, Toronto really is that dumb. They have no moral compass.

  28. Avatar

    I wonder how heather can sleep at night knowing that she is a leftist media puppet

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