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Liberals survive confidence vote, avoiding snap election

A snap fall election was averted after the Liberal government survived a confidence vote on a Conservative motion to create a special committee to probe the government’s ethics and pandemic spending.
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  1. Avatar

    The most corrupted government on earth

  2. Avatar

    I'm surprised people thought this was going to go any other way. Federal elections have been won by only two parties for as long as Canada has been around. The Conservatives have almost no allies beyond the Liberal party as they are unwilling to work with just about anyone else as their politics rarely line up with any of the other parties.

    The election could have gone only two ways. Either nothing happens or the Conservatives win. The NDP loses everything if the Conservatives get in. They also stood more to lose with from the election period. The only real opinion was to strike a deal with the Liberal party.

    This is always going to happen as our First Pass the Post system encourages this kind of decision making. People are more worried about vote splitting than they are worried about anything else.

  3. Avatar

    Well done JT – enough of the endless committees – this is all been looked at before – focus on the pandemic

  4. Avatar

    A vote for the NDP is a vote for the LPC, remember that when you'll cast your vote next time.

  5. Avatar

    With the looks of these comments the PEOPLE WANT TO VOTE!!

  6. Avatar

    con lady could barely speak the lies

  7. Avatar
    Lawrence Johanson

    What a joke this democracy has become. I'm sure the folks at CBC are tickled pink.

  8. Avatar

    The only ones who thought today's vote was an – OMG huge deal – was the media. Everyone else knew the liberals would call the cons Bluff, The cons would beat their chest and the NDP would check their bank account.

    We all knew there would be no election.

  9. Avatar

    Opposition parties need to get on the same page…this woman didn't answer the reporters reasonable question 3x. Negotiate….

  10. Avatar

    DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Avatar

    "all we were asking for was a committee! We just wanted to to ask a few tiny questions!" I won't mention that the committee was going to be majority conservative, and a conservative chair and that we have been beating this dead horse for MONTHS.

    -Candice Burgen

  12. Avatar
    JeaNFrancoiS Irisch-Mercier


  13. Avatar

    Corruption is Corruption … I also love how news doesn't want to get to the truth…

  14. Avatar

    Most people will take away this, the liberals are hiding a lot of corruption and are dirty as ever. But hey who cares, Im gettin my CERB cheque!!!

  15. Avatar

    Gee..the moronic drama of the dysfunctional corrupt Canadian government!!
    WE…investigate it!!!! everything else is irrelevant and predictable from these yahoos!
    BTW CBC…ty for leaving on the comments for a change..really am sick of your lies…but more so of your cowardice

  16. Avatar

    Funny the people want an election, good thing the crooked politicians don't think so. 😒

  17. Avatar

    Today is a history for the liberal government and wish them the best for the future

  18. Avatar
    That Little Voice

    In Canada you get just two choices .. conservative ideologues or liberal grifters.

  19. Avatar

    Time for a new government

  20. Avatar

    Liberals HAVE to take hike yesterday !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Avatar

    Disgusting that the NDP ARE SO WEEK THAT they have to suck up to the Lying liberals to survive
    Sham on you Jackoff meet !

  22. Avatar

    how quickly she forgot how arrogant Harper and his PMO were…..

  23. Avatar

    just like Harper and conservatives put alberta oil at the front of the line.

  24. Avatar

    I sincerely hope that the new Western Republic constitution has strong checks and balances to mitigate political corruption.

  25. Avatar

    Conservatives get spanked again.

  26. Avatar

    The Liberals are the largest Canadian disappointment of the decade.

  27. Avatar

    Wow Pablo complaining about one day while the Parliament was suspended for months. Typical hypocritical statement?? What a LIAR!!

  28. Avatar
    charlotte collins


  29. Avatar

    Imagine if we lived in a world where politicians actually served the people they're supposed to be leading.

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    4:08 But it WAS public money being paid to them, laundered by their charity. This was proven.

  32. Avatar

    canadian taxpayers lives matter defund the government lol

  33. Avatar

    Traitors used to be hanged in Canada.

  34. Avatar

    more hot air from jagmeet

  35. Avatar

    Can't have conservatives without CONS. We have larger issues to worry about in Canada than whether Erin O'TOOL(E) can win the big seat. COVID-19 – heard of it?

    Well said, Mr. Rodriguez. Completely irresponsible motion on the part of the CONServatives.

  36. Avatar

    🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦We can do Minority Gov't FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS!!! Bye bye CLOWN-servatives!!!! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  37. Avatar

    Sadly our politics are third world standard

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