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Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel react to thrilling Hungarian GP

Lewis Hamilton overtook Max Verstappen near the end of the Hungarian Grand Prix to earn his 81st Formula One race victory and extend his championship lead. The Mercedes driver is now only 10 wins behind seven-time F1 champion Michael Schumacher’s record of 91. 
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  1. Avatar

    Lewis Hamilton wins F1’s Hungarian GP after chasing down Max Verstappen

  2. Avatar

    Lewis always making excuses when he can't overtake Max. Max won the first battle on the same tires. Lewis won the second one because of a Mercedes strategic decision which he initially questioned out loud. There's a reason Max is voted driver of the day, not Lewis.

  3. Avatar

    Now i know how it feels to be a liverpool fan.

  4. Avatar

    Mercedes 3 stop strategy won this race: P.

  5. Avatar

    RB even worked faster than the Mercs in the pits for this race. Max fanboys just can't get it that he is way too arrogant to win a GP anytime soon. His only consistency is blaming on car and talking down his rivals.

  6. Avatar
    Eduardo Ferreira Ferreira

    colach in lengand in portuguese lá brothers

  7. Avatar

    lewis hamilton overall the best driver in all weather situation and max the best driver in wet treck.

  8. Avatar

    F1 drivers are a bunch of noobs. Where are the racing.

  9. Avatar

    if ferrari had joined the front and fought with mercedes and red bull and max had his teammate with him mercedes strategy would not have worked then it would have been fun to see how it would have played out

  10. Avatar

    Lewis so dramatic in his radios lol.
    He could have at least said something about his mercedes brilliant strategy in this interview.

  11. Avatar

    Vettel wake up!!! Its not only about the team… you too should perform better…

  12. Avatar

    What exactly is "pace"? Is it like "momentum" in team sports? Like when you're on a roll, you're on a roll?

  13. Avatar

    Hamilton was amazing, great fight with our goldenboy Max and hopefully we'll get more of this!

  14. Avatar

    His tyres were way fresher simple as that

  15. Avatar
    Souleymane Traoré

    lewis sei il migliore dawero, Hamilton sei il numero one, complimenti.

  16. Avatar

    Red bull should had pitted, he had a 1:17:10 on the soft tyres. Now it was waiting witch lap hamilton would take him

  17. Avatar
    Bokkepruiker Records

    A 'free' pitstop and fresh tyres were the winners of this race. Not Hamilton.

  18. Avatar

    LH is like if I let you take pole I won't give you the WIN!!!

  19. Avatar

    Max is an arrogant, over hyped upstart. But well done on your first pole; at this rate you'll get at least 7 or 8 before you retire.

  20. Avatar

    Great things when you see three top teams on the podium that's absolutely amazing!!!!

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