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'Let me tell you a political secret …' Klobuchar blasts hearing

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) delivers her opening statement at the Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Comey Barrett. #CNN #News

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    Great news America. The HARRIS biden ticket has news. Old Hiden Biden is running for Senate as well in a backup plan. https://youtu.be/Ef1WbLvZmEE

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    Oh shut up

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    Take our country back people get rid of all this swamp mess👍🇺🇸😷😷😷‼🇺🇸

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    Amy these people aren't going to call some of them have no clue how politics work they probably don't know what is going on now they are worrying about Covid

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    Why are Democrats participating in this, if they weren't there the Republicans would not have a Quorum and they would have to leave, forcing it to wait until after the election.

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    You know I love the way she runs her pothole that's what it is Trump was voted in to get rid of Obamacare so this is not about Trump it's about the Americans people's voice just what they're complaining about we have spoken we don't want Obamacare we don't want to be taxed at the end of the year or pay penalties because we don't have forced placed insurance which is not any good in the first damn place

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    This kind noble defeatism makes me sad. Whatever happens, there will be a 10 million thread count pillow to cry on—for some.

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    Let me tell you a political secret- The Old Sea Hag RBG is dead, and her (supposed but not proven) words don't mean shit!

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    Ha! Obamacare that the House and Senate under Democrat rule EXEMPTED THEMSELVES FROM. Libs are lying deceitful bastards and can rot in hell.

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    CALL 📞 VOTE 🗳

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    If A.C.A is so great why do the democrats not not believe it would survive the test of the Supreme Court? What could happen? They must not have faith in ACA .

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    Amy is Hot af and attractive😉

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    Don't you mean failed Presidential Candidate Kloubacher?

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    It's fun to see Democrats lighting their hair on fire over something so routine as filling a Supreme Court vacancy.

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    Trump healthcare will b 10 times better and cheaper then obama bin Laden healthcare system Because Trump cares about American people. That's why.

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    Democrats are real Americans bcz they keep fighting for ppl while the Republicans seek to take advantage of the ppl but yet the ppl keep voting Republicans in office smh …..the Republicans have been trying to kill Obama care yet dnt have a replacement to this day and millions of ppl who depends on obama care to stay alive are being quiet and still voting Republican who are actively trying to kill them by taking away their healthcare smh woow…..

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    What kind of system has all these human rights in the hands of one crazy conservative christian gal? Oh wait, one designed by men.

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    Not a fan of Klobuchar. She is 100% correct here in terms of the motivation for warp speed confirmation. The tragic irony is that the working class people who form part of Trump's base will be hit as hard as anyone by this confirmation.

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    This is why we need a change! no more liberal babysitters we need judges

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    Trump is angry that a black man out performed him in every single way! Trump needs to take a nap, in the dirt, for a reaaaaaaaaally long time.
    Biden 2020 and 2024!

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    People not even buying Obamacare, people just want evething free at this point. Just stick it to the working class or be like the democrats raise taxes nobody gets to own notthing anymore

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    Its amazing to me how short sighted the GOP is being with this….yeah they might win a few cases, but history has shown that those that usurp power from the will of the majority dont keep it for long and the backlash exceeds the action.

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    Democrats are marxist idiots…vote TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

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    What a shame that democrats know as a fact that the lady is well qualified . And a female ! What about the gender balance. The virus Bill is being held up by the democrats in the house. The senate is waiting for the house to act. They know in the senate who is responsible for delay. It’s the democrats in the house. And they know they are going to lose the fight so they play dirty. And they know they would do the same thing if the situation were reversed. This senate has an obligation to confirm.
    And if the election has no clear winner it could be decided by the Supreme Court. With only 8 judges they might vote 4/4 . This is why the senate must do its job and avoid this split decision. At if it was 4/4 Nancy Pelosi becomes acting President! The first female president but not elected by the people . What a place in history she is carving out for herself.

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    weak DEMS can not attack judge amy got nothing so all they have is go after trump what a joke they all are

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    How do u still have a job???? Such haters!!!!!

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    Don't tell me she's voting no

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    She is the most passively racist person have ever seen.

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    I need boyfriend 💋💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞

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    When Barrett is confirmed it is imperative that Klobuchar’s staff stay at least 10 ft away from her, she cannot hurl insults or combs that far.

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    Watching this from Germany and I still can‘t get what‘s going on in the US! Every word she says is right…

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    Silly me, and I always thought the judicial system was supposed to be independent, but apparently in the Land of the Free it's quite normal; to appoint judges along party lines…..you know like a fake democracy (aka autocracy…)…….just like your voting system, quite normal to suppress people from voting……

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    KFI640am godless talk radio

    if you were better off a year ago than you are now and don't want to be worse off a year from now than you are now, then vote Trump
    Ask yourself are you better off now than you were a year ago,  and why? Below is my answer to the question on my podcast as an African American. Take a listen!

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    This nominee would not be where she is today without the efforts of the Justice she is replacing. Without RBG – there would be no women on the Supreme Court, in Congress or in the Senate or running as the VP. She stands on the shoulders of a women who was small in physical stature but far greater in character and fierceness in the belief in the rights of all citizens under the law regardless of race, gender, orientation and who they love.

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    who to vote for? Informed decision

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    Obama care was a horribly bad idea.
    I didnt have healthcare, didnt go to the doctor or hospital under Obama and i got penalized $1900 for not having healthcare. Then the democrats tried to give free healthcare to illegal aliens.
    Obama care wrecks healthcare workers too. Its just terrible.

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    Demoncrabs began the SCOTUS wars when they lied about Bork, lynched Thomas and falsely accused Kavanaugh of rape. The demoncrabs can now reap what they sowed. Ginsburg's wishes? LMAO. Most irrelevant, ridiculous argument in American history. Trump and the GOP offered COVID releif package but Nancy won't agree unless its larded up with an extra trillion in pork for the feckless and reckless. Demoncrabs are America's primary enemy!

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    I couldn't leave a CNN YouTube video without saying, "CNN SUCKS! FAKE NEWS!" Sorry, It's just habit.

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    Ohhhhh … a secret!

    Hahaha …. comfirm her GOP and don’t fall victim to the vicious, hypocritical, radical leftists aka Democrats.

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    secret comes at 3:35

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