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Less Than 1 Minute Shortest Flight Ever

We’re used to having drinks and meals 30 minutes into a flight and for the airplane to start decreasing altitude 30 minutes before landing. However, there are flights without all these rituals simply because there’s no time for them. For example, the short-hop leader among scheduled commercial flights remains the route of the Scottish Airline LoganAir. It connects 2 islands: Westray and Papa Westray. The distance of this route is less than 2 miles. In good weather, the flight can take just 47 seconds.

If you have very good eyesight, then, from the airport of departure, you can see the airport of arrival and even the friends meeting you. These two islands are part of the Orkney Archipelago. It has over 70 islands, and there are no bridges between them. The flight’s altitude doesn’t exceed 300 ft, so, sitting by the window, you can enjoy the magnificent landscapes of Scotland. Just not for long. But jetting from one country to another doesn’t always mean long packing and hours sitting at the airport. So, today, we’ll tell you about the quickest flights in the world.


Westray to Papa Westray flight (just 47 seconds!) 0:01
The shortest international flight 1:08
The shortest flight between two capitals 1:42
The shortest flight in North America 2:21
The shortest beach flight 2:49
The shortest intercontinental flight 3:19
One of the riskiest airfields 3:59
The shortest distance between a plane and your head 5:17
The shortest list of pilots allowed to land there 6:02
When one of the longest flights becomes one of the shortest ones 6:53
The longest flight 7:33

CC BY-SA 2.0
Britten-Norman Islander owned by Loganair taxiing at Papa Westray: By Mark Longair/Flickr,
Druk Air – Royal Bhutan Airlines Airbus A319-115 A5-RGF: By Faisal Akram,
CC BY-SA 3.0
Westray from Papay: By Wikimedia,
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