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Lesbos: Who started the fire at Europe’s largest refugee camp? – BBC Newsnight

On 8 September 2020, the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos went up in flames. In an extended report, BBC Newsnight investigates the events surrounding the blaze. Please subscribe HERE

More than 12,000 migrants, already living in dire conditions, were burned out of their tents after the fire devastated Europe’s largest refugee camp, Moria, on the Greek island of Lesbos.

The Greek authorities have blamed the blaze on a small number of residents of the camp, but among the refugees themselves many say local far-right activists started the fire.

On both sides there were people who wanted the camp gone. So what exactly happened and why?

With the help of a group of young refugee film-makers and exclusive access to a huge archive of footage from the fire and its aftermath, Newsnight’s International Editor Gabriel Gatehouse investigates the events surrounding the blaze and the roots of Europe’s dysfunctional migration policy.

Filmed in collaboration with Refocusmedialab.

Camera, editor and producer: Jack Garland.

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    90% of refugees are adult males in the videos of the streets.

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    Man just wanted to make marshmallows.

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    New Zealand’s WOKE PM can take all the refugees from here…. she’s keeping quiet now isn’t she

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    Let me think …….

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    Point Of No Return

    Yeah I find it ironic that the EU used the nation of Greece as there largest refugee camp.

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    They should go back to where they came from.

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    “I’ve never seen this in Europe.” But it’s not really “Europe “ there anymore, is it?

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    Thank you BBC for showing the humanity of this situation we as people and nations would rather not see in this day and age.

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    Point Of No Return

    Yeah surprised that mr. Reporter evidently you haven't been paying attention to the past 10 years. The Islamic oppressed have been using children as media and political propaganda Shields.

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    Point Of No Return

    There's absolutely no reason for anybody in Europe or in the world to feel some type of sympathy or remorse at these peoples plight of fleeing an Islamic country. Islam is the greatest religion correct so why migrate Christian Nation for safety.

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    The agenda behind what ever is going is evil .https://youtu.be/qzn0mL6XiHg

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    Who calls anything “Moria”?

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    They they don't like the condition, they are more than welcome to back where they came from 😉

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    'The Strange Death of Europe' by Douglas Murray

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    I'm surprised they haven't blamed China for it lol


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    Ask permission
    United Nations Please help us.😭
    I condemn the declaration of a serious emergency. Of General Prayut Chan-o-cha, including the dissolution of the community holding the leader in the early morning Even though the protesters announced the end of the demonstration at 6:00 AM.

    This is no different from a coup. And make the situation even worse Please help us​😭🙏

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    Gabriela Teixeira

    See this beautiful music! 🎶💜🎀

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    The EU has been an absolute disaster for Greece. They'd of been far better off staying out of this club. They got handed the joker card by a bunch of EU traitors to the continent.

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    It's the kalergi-plan. Greece just happens to be in the way.

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    A once beautiful Greek Island trampled by its economy now seems finely buried in mayhem and ashes.

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    Im planning whites only, black history month barbecue.

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    Merkel won the Kalergi award for exterminating the german people.

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    We all know it was the far right that lit these fires and the only solution is mass termination of the right in town squares across Europe.

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