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Leopard Hunts an Impala | Savage Kingdom

Pula, a female leopard, hunts and takes down an impala for a meal.
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Leopard Hunts an Impala | Savage Kingdom

National Geographic

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    New season of Savage Kingdom premieres Sunday, April 7 on National Geographic.

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    Grande força para dominar a presa!! É sinal que aprendeu os truques e foi bem ensinada pela progenitora!?!!! Belo plano os olhos são tão espectaculares!! Agora vai carregar a presa até ao ponto alto de uma árvore e desfrutar de uma impala grande e pesada!! Este quadrupede carnívoro com as suas pintas …é um felino fascinante!! Fantástico solitário que embeleza o reino selvagem!!

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    Om Mani Padme Hum. May the leopard and her cub feast well and get strong, to keep the balance in nature

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    720P HAHA april fools was yesterday

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    Haha they looked like they were kissing at 2:43 😂

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    Hello everyone, I am a young video editor who creates short videos. If you like animals and nature I’d be SO thankful if you give me some feedback 🙂
    Hope you can forgive me this self-advertisement and maybe it was worth it for you. Thank you so much! <3

    I am sorry dear NationalGeographic Team for advertising on your channel, I am just trying to get some feedback. Love your videos, you are great! 🙂

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    Well the impala was chocking and the leopard tried to blow air inside the impala's mouth to save him. You guys will never show the truth.

  8. Avatar

    Tyrion didn´t finish the job otherwise Tywin wouldn´t be able to tell this story

  9. Avatar

    unbelievable struggle by impala ..but failed … 😢

  10. Avatar

    I didn't realize it was Charles Dance until he said "heir" and "legacy". Tywin is still Tywin even in nature documentaries

  11. Avatar

    Seeinɡ the leopard take down that impala really hiɡhliɡhts just how small leopards are. I mean, the impala was biɡɡer.

  12. Avatar

    The squirrel got out of there quick.

  13. Avatar

    the narrator is from another planet fantastic

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    U also need to make more documentarys on male leopards, they b lowkey terrorizing their prey

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    The leopard is a very intelligent Cat. I believe it’s efficiency/success in a hunt is next to none. Only a Jaguar and Tiger come close. It’s true what they say, you’ll never see a Leopard/Tiger coming. If you do, it’s probably too late.
    Same as here. Before it exploded at top speed for the kill it knew exactly what to do. It knew the Impala in this case was way too big & strong and a throat hold wouldn’t be enough, thus deciding to go for the “kiss of death”

  16. Avatar

    Why didn't she go for the neck? Don't leopards usually target the neck?

  17. Avatar

    Is this Scar's voice that is narrating?

  18. Avatar

    Awesome video capture!!! What a battle! Too bad you didn’t show a few seconds of her feasting. And the epic carry the carcass up a tree.

  19. Avatar

    twice the bite force of a lion, no way she was letting go.

  20. Avatar

    Demon of the wild. Can climb, have fangs, sharp claws, speed,… All at this monsters' advantage. One bullet in the head will avenge all peace herbivores murdering by this demonic monster…

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    I was there when this happened

    Just kidding, I was under my blanket getting touched in my sleep

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    I just watched this episode… This girl is really awesum.. Now she has a lil one from blue eyes…. It is absolutely the cutest lil cubbie ever… I hope she can keep it safe grom all these darn hyenas… This hunt is so wicked as she is a ragdoll.. But she is strong.. And this female hyena … The leader is soo angry as well.. So heads up it's on a mission of destruction…

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    Life is uncertain in wild…
    Thanks to national Geographic, respect from Nepal.

  24. Avatar

    Awesome video.
    Pd: A lion talks about one leopard…

  25. Avatar

    The most stealthiest of all the big cats. A leopard gets as close as possible to its prey before striking. They rarely get into a chase. They can kill you before you knew what hit you

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    that leopard bite the impala on the nose lol

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    i love when Charles Dance narrates =)) LEGEND

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    Don't worry Chevy Impala, u will be fine baby

  29. Avatar

    That Impala was a strong one though!

  30. Avatar

    If a burger should body slam me that hard then thrashed me all over the place,i will give it up but you see…the leopard doesn't even flinch

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