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Lebanon’s entire government resigns amid anger over Beirut explosion

After days of mounting pressure Lebanon’s prime minister has announced his government’s resignation. (Subscribe:
It comes after the catastrophic explosion in Beirut port which killed more than 200 people and destroyed large swathes of the capital Beirut. Since then, there have been clashes with protesters taking to the streets to express their anger at the government’s incompetence.
The prime minister this evening admitted the blast was a result of endemic corruption.
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    All politicians next

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    Done a runner eh ?

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    Expert Excavating, Inc.

    SHAME. Absolute shame for this negligence.

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    Good and as they should.

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    The next civil war waiting to happen

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    Planned attack

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    Safen Aequitas Darkrender

    Prays to Allah.

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    Sometimes a revolution once in awhile is a healthy thing. " The Hunt for Red October"

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    Israel and America hand in hand destabilizing the middle east again and they blame the government….Mossad planted a detonator ,the explosive was already there,this type of explosives that were stored can't be detonated just like that, with detonator or fire( extreme heat)

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    The result of izlam

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    Make America Native Again

    Israel is behind the explosions

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    الحقيقة تفوز

    God bless you all there oh my goodness

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    Sectarian system
    Thats what this is about

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    🇱🇧 Secular democracy 🇱🇧

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    CCP should do exactly that for the spread of c-19

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    Do we really have to worry about the Lebanese right now, when we really need to worry about OURSELVES. For christs sake….

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    qualitycheckand ratings

    Hijbollah material govt. Responsible?

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