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Lebanon: fuel tank explodes in basement of Beirut building

A fuel tank exploded inside a Beirut building on Friday night, killing four people and injuring several others, the Lebanese Red Cross said. The explosion came two months after a massive blast at Beirut’s port killed nearly 200 people, injured at least 6,500 and caused billions of dollars worth of damage.
Lebanon: Beirut fuel tank explodes in building basement, killing four

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  1. Avatar

    Oh again? What is happening?

  2. Avatar

    So much strife for a country half the size of Wales.

  3. Avatar

    Not again! 😢 My sympathies are with the people of Beirut after this new tragedy.

  4. Avatar

    Is this really newsworthy?

  5. Avatar

    Hezbollah is responsible. They have to pay the price

  6. Avatar

    Just a couple of days ago, at UNGA, Netanyahu threatened Lebanese people of more upcoming explosions! Now, his Mossad guys are delivering the threats!
    They want to maximize the pressure on Lebanese nation to abandon Hezbollah and resistance. That's it.
    And guess what comes next? A new Syria! Unless, the Lebanese people stay strong, vigilant and united.

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    Speak The Word Bible Study

    Why is a fuel tank in the basement?

  8. Avatar
    Speak The Word Bible Study

    I think someone better start reporting about the FIRE burning under that place because EVERYTHING is blowing up!!!

  9. Avatar

    What kind of country is this, all over is booming! 😐

  10. Avatar

    as a lebanese im used to see things like this :]

  11. Avatar

    What are the pressure points for Lebanon and Beirut? It seems to me that these explosions are beginning to add up to something more. On the other hand it is likely just a factor of greater attention on the city after the massive explosion in the harbor wherein this story would have no significance – Is there a motive for a crime? what would it be?

  12. Avatar

    Lemme guess…more finger pointing at additional sections of government?!?!

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    Lebanon is finished.

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    Kelly ċḣȧṫ ̇ẇi̇ṫḣ ̇ṁė


  15. Avatar

    What's with Beirut always exploding someway

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    COWARDS israeli mossad is behind this SABOTAGE…

  17. Avatar

    A Fuel Tank inside a building… Bit daft isn't it…

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    Антон Преображенский

    We've been here before with explosions in this city

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