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Lebanon blast: one week after explosion, Beirut pauses to remember the dead

Thousands of people marched near the devastated port, remembering those who died in the most destructive single blast to hit the country.


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    Historically it’s very simple. Democracy. Law and Order and Civility. Captain Hindsight will go on….and on. Mr. would of…and Mr. should of. Caretaker government? Is the first attempt to coordinate a provisional system to deal with the expected aid and support coming in from France America of course…and others. Right NOW there’s nothing! 300,000 homeless. Leveled huge area. There refugees now….it’s a huge problem. So I would expect UN May have to establish something. Hezbellah is going to have to move! Can’t have guys walking around with machine guns…grenades. This factional fighting ….symptomatic of the whole Region…Has Got to draw a line in the sand. Law and Order and Civility. I have my National Geographic….Beruit…a light on the world. Very nice buildings…some cars. Problems yes? Fishing…..economy….the sick….growing tensions. Muslims and Israel they get along…..when they don’t have machine guns in each other’s face! It’s economics….under the guise of religion. Pay taxes to solve problems….not killing! But now the moderates are silenced by the radicals. Here…,There. Everywhere! See? Why don’t you report the News? It’s like listening to children. It could be better!

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