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Laura Ingraham's swing state focus group reacts to final debate

Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo talk to Ohio voters following the debate. Voters were both Trump and Biden supporters along with one Independent. #FoxNews #Ingraham

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  1. Avatar

    What a discussion! This is how we people should discuss and specifically politicians! Thanks to Reimond and Laura! Gifted people!

  2. Avatar

    “He said something he does it” Trump 2020

  3. Avatar
    ManiBoy Kamehameha

    It's real People, Pic! I'm confident Trump all the way😀👊💖👊

  4. Avatar

    Even if the "CROOK" won the debate, HE'S STILL A CROOK!!!!!

  5. Avatar

    Just like cnn most all are for trump. It proves they are both fake news.

  6. Avatar

    The " blonde bimbo wit da mask is a shille.

  7. Avatar

    All anti Trumpers, get a grip Fox News.

  8. Avatar

    Hey Joe…I LOST MY INSURANCE UNDER OBAMACARE! It’s the opposite of affordable! The lowest tier cost more than my mortgage, had a $14,300 deductible, and DIDN’T COVER SH*T!

  9. Avatar

    Single mothers in my community don’t make enough so they deserve more money

  10. Avatar

    The journalist asking questions to the people gets aggressive when they don’t think Trump is great….. no much objective… he keeps on asking until it goes in Trumps direction…pathetic

  11. Avatar

    that mark guy just contradicts every argument he makes lol

  12. Avatar

    That’s how the Democrats do it all the time. All the time. Taste of your own medicine. Dale 😘

  13. Avatar

    For the love of God stop blaming your government and western governments for what china sent

  14. Avatar

    Hillary's democrat resistance movement killed more Americans to keep President Trump a victory.

  15. Avatar

    Biden would make China play by the rules. That was the biggest JOKE of the whole debate!!!! As if he would be able to say anything to China. He's the laughing stock of that regime, they'll strip him naked like they would America under his rule.

  16. Avatar

    Fox had to get a neocon on their roster! We all know who it is!

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar

    No. We don't need a minimum wage. Period.

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    The one denomination you can take from this and the debate is biden supporters are as stupid as he is

  21. Avatar

    This was a fantastic selection of people. Had varying opinions. Some against trump some for Trump but all within reason. Can't get this from cnn or any other network.

  22. Avatar
    MonkeyButterfly K

    All the changes Mr Trump is making for America now , it’s not only to win the elections , this is a successful man that had in his mind all his trajectory for over 4 decades to make America better for the Americans .

  23. Avatar
    Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am

    8:23 Laura, I'm pretty sure 3 people said Biden won, but let's not tell the truth to your viewers because they're all sheeps.

  24. Avatar

    Poor Faux, trying to join the other sheepherder fake media.

  25. Avatar

    Biden is more trustworthy than trump hands down

  26. Avatar

    Bidden didn't answer any questions….because he cant

  27. Avatar

    Joes character…Snake always shedding his skin. A liar…period. sjws in your biased group.

  28. Avatar

    What about when he did shut the country down he got blamed for being a germaphobe being racist you Democrats are dumbass motherfukers

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