Latest news bulletin | August 6th – Morning

by News Update

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ANDREI GROMYKO August 6, 2022 - 12:13 PM

it is very difficult for the people of Kazakhstan. ordinary people cannot buy food, the average salary is 300 dollars, although Kazakhstan is a rich country in natural resources, the periodic table. Nazarbayev and Kulibayev and daughters and his family by criminal means. took away business from businessmen plundered the state. look at how many planes Kulibayev has a whole fleet of aircraft, moreover, how many castles and we don’t know how many enterprises he has abroad. so one more piece of news, Nazarbayev himself has a fund. the amount of the fund is 8 billion dollars. they robbed the whole of Kazakhstan, we ask you the government and the countries to block the accounts of Nazarbayev and his family and impose sanctions on this family, I personally suffered from them, they took away my business, we ask all the rulers of the world to block the accounts of Kulibayev Timur and Nazarbayev and the family of the Magnitsky list and sanctions!!!!