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Last debate: Less interruptions, more substance | USA TODAY

Here are the highlights and notable moments from 2020’s final presidential debate.

The final presidential debate had a totally different feel than the first one. Issues took center stage, but the mute button was also put into play.

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  1. Avatar

    Biden called black men as super predictors and locked them up. He didn't feel sorry about it or repealed it. He even got Kamala as his running mate. She locks up a lot of blacks too.

  2. Avatar

    Just wanted to let y’all know that USA TODAY, is single handedly the most dishonest and 1 sided news source, Don’t trust this shit, Your better off talking to a rock to learn what honesty is

  3. Avatar

    Ya boi biden got destroyed

  4. Avatar

    So who built the cages ??

  5. Avatar

    Trump crushed that China PUPPET !

  6. Avatar

    *Fewer interruptions

  7. Avatar

    Here's the deal… my campaign has been compromised by the CCP and they call me the big man, you got that Jack? – Joe Biden for Gitmo

  8. Avatar


    President Trump
    I'm proud to say I already voted to re-elect President Trump.

  9. Avatar

    Less interruptions Yes.
    Substance, not really.

  10. Avatar

    President Donald Trump mopped the floor with corrupt Joe “Big Guy” Biden. Fact.

  11. Avatar
    McCarthy James Kennedy

    Joe is pathetic. This guy spews lies and fake enthusiasm

  12. Avatar

    Even partisan USA Today can’t find a way to say Biden had a nearly near descent debate. He got flattened and every one knows it.

  13. Avatar

    Yea lets all just wear masks and walk backwards..this way its easier for them to f.u.K us!.

  14. Avatar

    USA Today = CCP stooges.

    After the red sweep we must prosecute and dismantle these anti-American criminals of big tech and big media for their crimes including incitement of terrorism via spreading anti-white Marxist propaganda. And for providing cover to China concerning the manufacture and controlled release of the bioweapon coronavirus.

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    Dude sleepy yo 😴

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    TRUMP2020!!!! usatoday is trash

  17. Avatar

    Biden: I will kill the oil industry
    Moderator: why would you do that?

  18. Avatar

    Laying straight in your eyes

  19. Avatar

    Biden is not for the ppl of colour he has been vocal in his views throughout the last 30 yrs not positive, everything was good with you guys, until the Chinese virus appeared, look to the east for venting when the anger not the U.S ppl. Trump will get your country through this, Biden will continue to sleep his way through it and if awake with lies. Trump U. K🇬🇧

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