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Largest WW2 bomb ever discovered explodes underwater in Poland

A British World War II Tallboy bomb has exploded while being made safe underwater by Navy sappers in northwestern Poland on Tuesday. Polish Navy sappers were trying to neutralize it underwater through burning out its explosives, but it went off in the process. A spokesman for the sappers, Grzegorz Lewandowski, said no one was injured as all the sappers were at a safe distance from the blast, which was felt by local residents in the town of Swinoujscie.

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    and thats the reason i dont go outside anymore

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    that's the reason i don't go for swims

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    Something about this footage does not look right.

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    I don't believe that's the biggest WW2 bomb ever found and it definitely not the most dangerous. Germany is filled with WW2 bombs and they need to evacuate people from there homes to detonate bombs in Germany on a regular basis. Turns out the UK dropped far more bombs on Germany than Germany ever did and it's s huge and expensive problem for the country.

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    vitor santos martins

    estão ferindo a terra

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