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Lara Trump reacts to criticism over White House 'super spreader' event

Trump senior campaign adviser joins ‘Fox News Sunday’ to discuss President Trump’s health and a larger stimulus package.

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  1. Avatar

    That’s a problem with the rules. No person should be FORCED to wear a mask when everyone in the room has been tested negstive

  2. Avatar

    Chris doesn’t understand the art of the deal

  3. Avatar

    I don’t remember Chris wearing a mask during the debate?

  4. Avatar
    Itzhak Eretz Kdosha

    Dr Fauci also refused to say anything about mass riots beeing super spreader

  5. Avatar

    Trump called Kamala Harris a “monster”. I’m curious, are women voters ok with that?

  6. Avatar

    Just nitpicking the family for no reason instead of spending more time on real issues.

  7. Avatar

    Ironic that news reports indicated the debate set up was the “epicenter” for spreading.

  8. Avatar

    A virtual debate is a Biden smoke screen. Cheaters love to cheat

  9. Avatar

    Hey Wallace go see yourself in mirror and see how ugly you’re!

  10. Avatar
    Itzhak Eretz Kdosha

    I was OK with Wallace and kind of liked him up untill the debate… his questions were so bad and he clearly has an agenda.

  11. Avatar

    With all do respect I would face her until I'm done and do it again

  12. Avatar

    JOE please stay as far away as possible from Donald the Con man who owes 400 million & is trying to do EVRYTHING he can to stay in power at all cost . Even wanting you to die .

  13. Avatar

    Me thinks chris wallace is a joke . And should be working for CNN eating gravel with lemon

  14. Avatar

    It's time for Chris Wallace to move over to CNN

  15. Avatar

    chris wallace is nut job

  16. Avatar

    Pelosi was NEVER serious about passing a stimulus bill and that is why Americans should never vote for her!

  17. Avatar

    Gromit Wallace the Dem submarine

  18. Avatar
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen he was #1

    And did any of them die Chris?

  19. Avatar

    Why is Wallace working for fox? Cant he move to CNN or other fake media. He is making fox look bad

  20. Avatar

    This lady couldn't tell the truth if she tried

  21. Avatar

    I know this is out of context… But she looks like transgender or a Ladyboy… But shes pretty. 😉

  22. Avatar

    These trump rules about social distancing obviously aren't working it's getting worse under Trump's watch not better

  23. Avatar

    Hmm if that Cleveland Clinic employee told someone to change their MAGA mask you think that wouldve came out the second they're were accused of refusing to wear one when that video was first shown

  24. Avatar

    Trump got covid. Whatever the administration is doing to stop the pandemic, it's not working. Numbers are going up.

  25. Avatar

    Good for you Laura Trump! Give it right back to Wallace

  26. Avatar

    22 more days Trumpists. Hope you enjoy them while they last.

  27. Avatar

    It's very rare you hear people putting the great President Trump down these days. Even YouTube is down to 7 per day. He's done a great job and his record speaks for itself. Love you Mr President. You truly are the Greatest President Ever.

  28. Avatar

    I get the feeling covid19 is being used as a political weapon against president Trump/administration and Patriots.

  29. Avatar

    Lara Trump is hot!

  30. Avatar
    Alexandria's Expressions Vlogs

    Why did her give her the whatever look after she greeted him? He might as well have his Joe Biden poster in the background.

  31. Avatar

    But not as hot as Ivanka haha!

  32. Avatar

    I cant help but think Wallace is a nonce.

  33. Avatar

    Why is no one in MSM talking about the 11 people who were on the setup crew for the debate in Cleveland who were on furlough suddenly testing positive right after the debate. And who was the guy who wiped down Pres. Trump"s station! How bout that being a direct threat to the Pres. Fauci is a flip flopper…Masks don't do didley…look at the research…fake news…good for you Laura…

  34. Avatar

    Chris Wallace is a shell of what his father was.

  35. Avatar

    Trump will get nearly 350 votes agains6

  36. Avatar

    Such weasels these demon crats! They're trying so hard but never pull out the W!

  37. Avatar

    You need to get rid of this snake Fox.On the double.Cmon MOVE.

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