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Lamb of God – Memento Mori (Official Music Video)

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Director: Tom Flynn & Mike Watts
Producer: Jay Tavernese
Production Co: VuDu Studios Inc.


(C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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  1. Avatar

    This kind of music is gayer than pop. Their trying so hard to be so bad.

  2. Avatar

    Why "remember that you will die" is used more like "memory"?

  3. Avatar

    I think its a shame Chris left, but art did well with winds of plague and hes doing wonders with lamb of god. Both bands are bands i listed to since middle school and i love seeing Lamb of god progressing as they have. Great song, great lyrics, great video. Keep putting out this content boys!

  4. Avatar

    My volume wont go any louder 🙁

  5. Avatar

    Lamb of god turned into black metal?

  6. Avatar

    This is by far the best heavy metal song I have heard in a very long time. Hopefully this virus or rumor of a virus will go away and I can see this song performed live.

  7. Avatar

    It's like my dream 90 years ago.

  8. Avatar

    Quoting the Sisters, aren't we? ^^)

  9. Avatar

    It's sick they got Saruman to do the bass.

  10. Avatar

    It will never be same without chris's typewriter snare.

  11. Avatar

    Many of us are living like freaking immortals, so I bow in understanding that we should always remind ourselfes that it's not gonna last forever and we should live with no regrets.

  12. Avatar

    These old-men sounds more metal than any other prime bands for the last decade.

  13. Avatar

    Dude's just trying to clean up his goth barber shop when he gets attacked by Mortal Kombat.

  14. Avatar

    This song will kill Corona Virus! 🔥

  15. Avatar

    Gonna set this song as my alarm 😂

  16. Avatar

    Lamb of God is trending? Sweet🤘

  17. Avatar

    Like 2 inspired drum moments. Good song, but needs the heart felt drums.

  18. Avatar

    that riff they play when it drops is so sick

  19. Avatar

    wake me up when this pandemic dies.

  20. Avatar

    Lamb Of God ask every metal band to wake up from pop and shitty music!! Wake upppppp!!!!!!!! Back to the road!

  21. Avatar

    Nothing against anyone that likes this but…. I just can't get into it. It's too slow and chopped up for me. I want that old relentless pounding LoG from Palaces. Last whole album I really liked was Sacrament. I guess they'll never be that band again.

  22. Avatar

    WTF is wrong with that monster's face 🙀🙀

  23. Avatar

    This song is the antidote for the CoronaVirus.

  24. Avatar

    Inspired by Slipknot much? (Solway Firth)

  25. Avatar

    Fuck! This was sick!!!! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  26. Avatar

    Lamb of god is the best love the song!!!!!!!

  27. Avatar

    It’s unreal how this relates to current times, especially lately.

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