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Labour suspends Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism report comments

Over a 130 pages the Equality and Human Rights Commission gave a damning verdict of anti-Semitism in the Labour party. (Subscribe:

It said Labour was responsible for “unlawful” discrimination against Jewish people when Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the party.

But just as the present Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was walking out of a press conference on the issue, Mr Corbyn released his statement.

He claimed the scale of the problem had been “dramatically overstated for political reasons”.

That led to his suspension, with Sir Keir saying Mr Corbyn was “part of the problem”.
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  1. Avatar
    Jetpack Rorschach

    Please look up the emails that were sent between Starmer and his Labour lackeys with the media. He has been working with newspapers/news channels to spread this anti-Semitism lie to rid labour of Corbyn. Channel 4 is, unfortunately, platforming this propaganda on their channel to support the neoliberal takeover of Labour. No one can trust Channel 4 news until they rectify their reporting on this blatant propaganda attempt.

  2. Avatar
    Have faith in Britain

    Jeremy is definitely not anti Semitic.He is a scapegoat for the systemic anti Semitism within the Labour Party..Sad that he gets expelled while the nasty elements remain to work their evil…..We need a libertarian party in Westminster to drain the swamp……Labour and the lib undems must go…The Lords are worse packed with unelected lib undems…..The people get to decide not politicians…

  3. Avatar

    Why did CH4 clip Corbyn’s response? He rightly said things have been exaggerated because ppl believed 30% of members were clear anti-Semites when in fact it was <1%. This is an excuse for a purge of the left and I cancelled my membership today!

  4. Avatar

    So now being critical about zionism is an anti-semitic attitude???

  5. Avatar

    When are the equalities commission going to investigate the Tory party? Which is full of racists and islamophobes…

  6. Avatar

    Jon snow look a bit sick about Corbyn getting rumbled

  7. Avatar

    Corbin gone just get ride of the rest now there all a joke

  8. Avatar

    If you allowed Feinstein to speak directly to Berger you would have seen she had nothing to back up her despicable description of Corbyn and is just an opportunist. She stood against the Labour Party in the last election and should never be allowed back.

  9. Avatar

    Israhell must have filled a few bank accounts

  10. Avatar

    Smear campaign continues, hope Corbyn fights this all the way.

  11. Avatar

    Jon, Jon, Jon. Why didn't you ask the lady what she found antisemitic in Corbyn's comments? Corbyn is antizionist for sure and he's against Israel's expansion and acts against humanity, but antisemite, please ask for some evidence.
    And I am not a Corbyn supporter nor like his policies, but overblown accusations, give me a break, please.

  12. Avatar

    Great interview horrible little party

  13. Avatar

    UK is moving towards single party system. Soon there will be Conservative Party of UK ruling all over UK, with no opposition.

  14. Avatar

    I'm so glad to see Kier fighting systematic racism in the Labour. Labour was overwhelmed by racists and now it's time to throw them all out

  15. Avatar
    Matheus José Dias

    Good Riddance!

  16. Avatar

    You cannot possibly believe that Starmer was not aware of what was going on…..He was deputy leader….The millionaire champagne socialist, Britain hating, two houses Starmer who is campaigning to rejoin the EU when he is not too busy running into cyclists should resign his membership too….He was in it up to his neck by association….Least he could do is fall on his sword and go down with Jeremy….That would be the honest thing to do….!!!

  17. Avatar

    Meanwhile, in the conservative party referring to black people as "piccanninies" and "water melon smiles" is just a stepping stone toward becoming Prime minister.
    Oh, wait…

  18. Avatar

    Mr. Corbyn always looks like he has a hidden agenda. A bit weasely .

  19. Avatar

    Smear Starmer is a ruthless puppet; time to cut all Labour's funding, they can get their money from pro-Israel lobby instead.

  20. Avatar

    The FSB Shitpost Quean has been rather busy tonight! #ShitpostQuean
    Anything to help Brexit … gotta keep Vlad's offshored billionz away from the EU and anyone who can work out what he ownz.

  21. Avatar
    Champion Tonto the Wonder Horse

    Sharing a platform with someone you whose views don't agree with in entirity can't be deemed as AS.

  22. Avatar

    Ban him from parliament too…

  23. Avatar

    Byeee Jeremy Corbyn.

  24. Avatar

    From the comments here there seems to be a feeling that anti-semitism isn’t that bad. The report was done by an independent organization and they clearly found wrong doing. Do you continue to have someone accused of anti-semitism just because he used to the party leader? I’m confused. As someone who votes Labour (or would do if I still lived in the UK) it feels like populism is causing this mess. It should be non-negotiable. If it is negotiable to have someone in your party who is racist, that may say more about you and your prejudices than it does about Keir Stamer and his reaction to this report.

  25. Avatar

    Removing any hint of socialism is crucial for new labour – or, as they are known in Scotland, “red tories”.
    They join the “blue tories” as a source of “lobby-able” MPs for hire.
    The corruption of the London/English political parties is complete.

  26. Avatar

    Expel people who do not support Palestinians, they are oppressed by a Zionist State.

  27. Avatar

    So anyone speaks againts the mighty leader gets suspended?? First we had new labour now we have something else. Shame. Everyone will remember how corbyn was treated by media back then. Now they trying to wash their hands

  28. Avatar

    Tony Blair still a member

  29. Avatar

    Outrageous that this nonentity, without evidence or questioning, can smear the name of an honourable man like Jeremy Corbyn

  30. Avatar

    Why are they dragging out this story.. To crush the corbynites.. The vindictive woman is experiencing the life of a black female politician its personai.. Starmer is not labour ..

  31. Avatar

    kieth starmer is a jobby

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