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Labour peer tells House of Lords of his mother's 'panic' over school meals

Labour peer Lord Griffiths told of the ‘mounting panic’ his family faced ahead of school holidays when he was a child as he shared his experiences of receiving free meals. 
‘I can still taste and smell it, the mounting panic ahead of school holidays because the income we had could not stretch to feeding two boys and a mother in that day,’ he said. 
Lord Griffiths likened his experience to that of footballer Marcus Rashford’s, who also grew up on free school meals and was awarded an MBE last month for his campaigning on the issue. 
‘Marcus Rashford and I have this, and probably only this, in common. We remember not in our heads, but in our whole bodies. An old Etonian, of course, can’t be expected to have had the same experience.’

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    It’s a disgrace the the Tory Party are defending their policy of not feeding children who are in need of such. Our society is very much in danger of becoming their society, unless people withstand this contemptible government.

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    Well said that man

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