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Labour Party: Keir Starmer’s Road to Power – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight explores the story of the man who could be prime minister of the United Kingdom — and what that road to power may entail. Please subscribe here:

Sir Keir Starmer was elected leader of the Labour Party six months ago, when the United Kingdom was locked down against coronavirus.

Back then Westminster was preoccupied with the virus, and the norms of the opposition were temporarily suspended.

The scrutiny of the man who had only been elected as an MP five years earlier was perhaps more cursory than would have otherwise been the case. Sir Keir identifies as a “socialist”, as did Jeremy Corbyn, so what makes his politics different?

And as a former member of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet, was Starmer planning his leadership campaign as far back as last year’s general election?

Newsnight’s Policy Editor Lewis Goodall investigates the story of the man who could be prime minister — and what that road to power may entail.

After this report aired on BBC Two, Unite the Union’s General Secretary Len McCluskey tweeted out the following:

“Before this gets out of hand, let me say language is important and I apologise to Peter Mandelson and anyone else if mine has caused hurt.”

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.


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    first comment. please clap.

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    Big Jono's channel

    Road to pure BS…

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    1 Rotten coin, 2 Dirty sides
    1 Filthy plane, 2 Grubby wings
    1 Corrupt Government, 2 Thieving Parties 💯

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    We live in a gangstalking country .. full of liers .. thrives ..murders .. tyrants

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    South London Metal Detector


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    Len McCluskey doesn't care about the working class. Keir Starmer does

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    The Labour Party covered up the Rotherham atrocities.

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    Keir Starmer… The next pm… (Excluding whoever the Tories put in power next year when they sack Johnson)

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    Israeldiegorivera2 Genius2

    End the BBC licence fee

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    The important thing is that the Labour Party keeps hating Jews.

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    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Diana chip on both shoulders these days

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    God, there are cranky replies from the right and the left.

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    BBC Newsnight is the real BBC without it’s veil of legal impartiality…
    An pro-Remain, metropolitan, Labour campaigning machine.

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    I like how the BBC do these “Labour’s road to power” videos, even though only 1 Labour leader has actually done it in the last 50 years.

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    I am no Tory but hate Keir Starmer, he just cared about getting into power nothing else. The BBC will love him :(.

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    What happened to Comrade Corbyns road to power and his party's hatred of Jews ?

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    Keith starmer is the saviour of mankind

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    About Things Podcast

    Dear Comment section, would be great to hear your opinion on Keir Starmer. Thank you:)

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    Immigration and Islamism, be against those two things, Labour can win.

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    Hugh VonNiederhausern

    As an American we watch the British government with intense curiosity,
    The Labor Party as we understand it is suppose to represent the Working Class or at least the lower class workers and tax payers?
    The Conservative Party must represent the upper class and those that oppose European Interference through Brexit?
    As far as we can tell?
    The fact that Communism and Socialism under the Marxists, are also a major factor in Britain,
    before 1918 there were no Socialist and Communist in Britain,
    After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia where the Leninist Jews overthrew the Romanoff Family who for 2,000 years were the Czars of Russia.
    The Marxist and Leninist Jews of Russia were defeated, not quite sure when? guessing the end of World War II?
    However Britain became the New Home for the Communist Jews like George Soros. and
    Communism then took hold.

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    He just a puppet same people behind him as Corbyn

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    No report on this BBC?
    Honey I Stuffed The Chicken https://youtu.be/s34IVaJKS7E
    What is wrong in the UK some sort of sickness!!!

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    The Labour Party are hardcore leftist communist party. That’s why capitalists don’t like them.

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    I don't trust him, he is so far detached from society and the real world.
    That Andy from Manchester seems to be in tune with the people that this sausage is 😉

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