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Labour and anti-Semitism: Will Corbyn’s suspension reignite the party’s civil war? – BBC Newsnight

Is this the day Labour draws a line in the sand over anti-Semitism in the party, or begins a new civil war with Jeremy Corbyn leading the charge? Please subscribe here:

The Labour Party has suspended former leader Jeremy Corbyn from the party over his reaction to a highly critical report on anti-Semitism.

The human rights watchdog found Labour responsible for “unlawful” harassment and discrimination during Mr Corbyn’s years in charge of the party.

Corbyn later said the scale of anti-Semitism within Labour had been “dramatically overstated” by opponents.

A Labour Party spokesman said Jeremy Corbyn was being suspended “for a failure to retract” his words.

Newsnight’s Political Editor Nick Watt reports and Kirsty Wark is joined by Labour’s Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner.

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.


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    You cannot use the census or surveys to guage the Ethnicity of the voters.Nobody fills in or honestly declares their nationalities on those forms ,remember what happened to King Herod's first borns and of cause in wartime Germany.There isn't even a category for THEM youre either white ,mixed or other and blacks are the only category that has ten separate permutations.makes one really wonder about the state of putting the sign of the sheeple above your door and you will not be sacrificed by Pilate

  2. Avatar

    What goes around comes around. Years of bullying people within the party requires payback, Don't worry Jezza, the Labour party might have kicked you out but you are still welcome with your comrades in Hezbollah, Hamas and the IRA.

  3. Avatar

    So all you greenhairs voted for jew hate. Nice one racists.

  4. Avatar

    The Labour Party must now deal with the Jewish Question head-on.

  5. Avatar

    Criticism of British government is not Criticism of the country's people or religion (Christianity).
    In the same way criticism of Israel's horrific inhumane acts against the Palestinian people (for evidence, check amnesty's website and UN) is not Anti-Semitic, it is anti Israel's
    Have the same energy, if not then you're also in the camp of unjust and inhumane.

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    Make Racists Afraid Again

    Diversity is Humanity's Greatest Strength.
    Anti Semitism is a mental disorder that is caused by Failed Parents.

  7. Avatar

    I actually can't believe her response to the count your gold comment. I actually don't think I can vote for Labour again, there is too much rot in that party ( in more ways than one). I think as an electorate we are probably better off campaigning and writing to labour MP's to break away. It's so annoying because I have voted for Labour twice and my other 2 votes were abstain and a 'fringe party' . Now I pretty much have no-one to vote for. And out of principle I won't vote for conservatives. Labour are doing a massive dis-service to our country by not offering a decent opposition.

  8. Avatar

    Absolute hypocritcy from the media and politicians, criticism of a government or regime and it's act of injustice and evil isn't antisemitism.

  9. Avatar

    Israel is scared of a man who cycles to his allotment in East Finchley in clothes from CO-OP.

  10. Avatar

    Criticising Israel is not anti semitic. Absolute hypocritcy

  11. Avatar

    Best thing get rid

  12. Avatar

    Jeremy Corbyn for president…..no more monarchy……..Jeremy Corbyn for president…..no more monarchy……..Jeremy Corbyn for president…..no more monarchy……..: any monarchy is entirely useless, costs too much money and obviously it has never been elected by the people .

  13. Avatar
    Will Carroll Hamilton

    Britain has to be up there with one of the stupidest first world countries in the world

  14. Avatar

    Labour is a toxic party, lost its way years ago.

  15. Avatar

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise."

    – Voltaire

  16. Avatar

    Jews are against Freedom of Speech

  17. Avatar

    Hitler was in the Labour party

  18. Avatar

    I hate the anti-British path the Labour Party has gone down, and Jeremy being on our opponent's team on every single issue is emblematic of this problem. I think Jeremy also has a blind spot for anti-semitism because of his (and many other far left people's) obsession with Palestine, he has a pathological "they're oppressed so cannot be evil and anti-semitism is evil" rationalisation problem there. Having said all that the orgy of attacks being thrown at him by the Labour Party to try and wash off his stink is pretty graceless.

  19. Avatar

    All of you just don't represent the average person.

  20. Avatar

    time to drain the swamp right across the parties

  21. Avatar

    If Jesus Christ was around today the "small hats" would call him an Anti-semite also.

    I have zero love for those small hat serpents/money changers.

  22. Avatar

    Pretty much they are saying anti semitism is fine if you went to Eaton or your a torie but anyone grassroots must be stomped into the ground

  23. Avatar
    Christopher Jones

    Enough is enough you have to know when to abandon ship get a new ship and fight a hard battle I am no longer in support of the PLP and the Labour party i have been trying all afternoon to reach someone to cancel my membership as the email is not working.
    The way to win is to chose your battles and win them lots of little wins gains support and eventfully the big win.
    If a new party is formed it needs to happen as soon as possible if its to challenge and beat both the tories and Labour to number 10.
    Joining another party that already exist is pointless as if they truly stand up for what you believe why did you not join them in the first place. This is why i say a new purpose built party for now todays challenges and with doing this it will show all parties including Labour that the public can not be taken for granted and will not stand by politician's who are bought.
    If the Socialist Campaign group resigned the whip and set another party up they would have half a million members by Saturday……
    The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, founded by Tony Benn, has for nearly 40 years been the home of Labour left MPs.
    It was from this group that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign was launched.
    The 34 current members of the SCG are listed on the Campaign Group’s Twitter account as:
    Diane Abbott MP
    Paula Barker MP
    Apsana Begum MP
    Olivia Blake MP
    Richard Burgon MP
    Ian Byrne MP
    Dan Carden MP
    Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Marsha de Cordova MP
    Mary Foy MP
    Rachel Hopkins MP
    Imran Hussain MP
    Kim Johnson MP
    Ian Lavery MP
    Clive Lewis MP
    Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
    Rachael Maskell MP
    Andy McDonald MP
    John McDonnell MP
    Ian Mearns MP
    Nav Mishra MP
    Grahame Morris MP
    Charlotte Nichols MP
    Kate Osamor MP
    Kate Osborne MP
    Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP
    Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP
    Zarah Sultana MP
    Sam Tarry MP
    Jon Trickett MP
    Claudia Webbe MP
    Mick Whitley MP
    Nadia Whittome MP
    Beth Winter MP

  24. Avatar

    Smarmy Starmer the head of CPS who refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville for child abuse! He is part of the same network that protects Andy windsor! smarmer is part and parcel of that same entity

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  29. Avatar

    Is Kier Stammer MAD! Or is he really a Tory in a Red coat? I mean come on what the FUCK

  30. Avatar

    I'll vote for the Green party to help mother nature restore our planet even if it is at the cost of my pleasures. See you in heaven Jeremy Corbyn.

  31. Avatar

    Of course labour are anti-semitic.Thats why they have a large membership. for that reason.There is a difference to being sympathetic to palestine and pro palestine.And the area has been disputed for a long long time.Not just after ww2.Rayner,Starmer and many labour mps and members are culpable in this scandal,they all knew and did nothing, in fact covered it up.

  32. Avatar

    Is he going to taking a knee for them as well?

  33. Avatar

    What is this report? Because the statement i read seems far from Antisemitic.

  34. Avatar

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  35. Avatar

    The interesting thing is the refusal to recognise reality in a good number of the comments on this news story, and the fundamentally antisemitic nature of some of them.

  36. Avatar

    Opposing the Zionist agenda of illegal occupation and genocide is not "anti-Semitism". Many actual Jews are also strongly opposed to the same agenda.

    The British media needs to stop peddling this blatant propaganda, and neoliberal "socialists" like Starmer need to stop scapegoating actual socialists who merely oppose violations of the UN Security Council's resolutions..

  37. Avatar
    Syed Sami Bukhari

    Jeremy Corbin is not Anti Semite rather Anti Zionist. It's the Zionists hiding behind the curtains of Antisemitism. How cowardly of them.

  38. Avatar

    And all those so called Labour MP who suddenly seem to have no problem in sticking the boot in obviously don't believe in real justice have no real principles and seem to care nothing for those of us who suffer under the lies and discrimination of a ultra right wing tory government.

  39. Avatar

    Guessing this has nothing to do with actual anti-semitism?

  40. Avatar

    I always thought Corbin was a c**t, now we find out Corbin is a c**t……typical Labour racist

  41. Avatar
    Prince Andy on an E

    The only time he gets fucked and he did nothing lol

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