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Kyrgyzstan election: Politicians promise to fix weak economy

Sunday is parliamentary election day in Kyrgyzstan.
Campaigning has focused on fixing the economy and cutting decades of high unemployment.
The lack of jobs has forced thousands of Kyrgyz to seek work abroad.
Al Jazeera’s Charles Stratford reports from the capital Bishkek.

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    I'd like to live in Kazakhstan rather than Hindutva India that has become suddenly extremist and intolerant country

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    poor people.
    their country sitting on Oil and Gas but landlocked

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    Sending love to home from Sweden. ALLAH SAXLASIN

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    U have to create jobs yourself,r get rid of that sorry government.

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    Less Government, more Family

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    Fix it with what?

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    My goodness she has fallen away to a ton.

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    Trusting the politicians is like having some faith in the devil that it will save you.

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    This gay his voice is gold. Keep him Al Jazeera channel and pay him good money and give free ticket in UK I think his come form there good like man…

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    Dibakar Chakraborty

    Capitalism is eating up our lives like termites world over. That time is not far when there'll be nothing left to eat any more. Then the end will come. A fast track route is looming large though, a welcome WW3.

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    Kyrgyz people look Chinese.

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    Economy😳 Soviet anthem intestifies

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    Šišmiš koji kašlje Koronu

    If they don't have natural resources why they don't invest in agriculture. In my country I found beans in market from Kyrgyzstan 😃.

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    "Kyrgyzstan election: Politicians promise"

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    Is bride kidnapping still practised?

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    Nepali leaders used to promise to make Nepal like Switzerland or Singapore in 5 years. 😅😅

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    and we're waiting for a promise to close this fake channel !!

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    They look like Chinese

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    मलेच्छ मोमिन

    Why they go to Russia for job when in gulf states you get good salary and work

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    Her husband is in Gulag.

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    Cooperate with China, problem solved.

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    Unless a person really loves there country and there people from there heart more than themselves they will almost always succumb to corruption , A corrupt person is self centred self-serving egotistical and really doesn’t care about others and that’s why they are corrupt . Their soul is filthy . I hope this people this beautiful people can find a person with a pure heart that can lead their nation and only then can they be lifted out of this terrible mess . I hope it happens let’s see.

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    All politicians gives same speech during campaigning

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