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Khashmir: Pakistan PM issues furious threat to India: 'we will teach you a lesson'

Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan has threatened to ‘teach Delhi a lesson’ as the row between his country and India over disputed Kashmir

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  1. Avatar

    His threats are in vain, does he really think he can take on India?

  2. Avatar

    Durp Durpa Dupa Durp Durpa Durpa. Barta Durp Durpa.

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    Kashmiris in IoK are living in hell since India has removed the special status of the state. There's curfew, no communication, no internet and not even media coverage.

  4. Avatar

    I know it's necessary political rhetoric but let's not forget you both have nuclear weapons😅😅

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    New DLC content coming soon to hundreds of titles.

  6. Avatar

    No my friend. India is going to show you the boom. The India is the victorious Mr. Prime Minister. Please keep your vest on for the WINTER that India is going to drop.

  7. Avatar

    Imran Khan the puppet of the Pakistani army.

  8. Avatar

    Why not attack India? Indians dare you to make a move, then you would not be able to walk permanently.

  9. Avatar

    Makes me sad really as these countries from around all that region I've always considered to have more wisdom than many of their more western counterparts. All these politicians lately, from everywhere, seem to be behaving like kids.

  10. Avatar


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    Dhal Nehi, Tolwar Nehi, Nidhiram Sardar. That is pakistan

  12. Avatar

    IMRAND: Modi played his last card by scrappig 370….
    Modiji : i have just started kidddo……. LMAO

  13. Avatar

    Imran khan is man of his words… he tried his best for peace but in return he and Pakistan only got more war and hate mongering from India … now when he is saying India will get a reply .. I CAN ASSURE YOU ALL… INDIA’s END IS NEAR.

  14. Avatar

    Imran khan should build toilets in pakistan first..He is begging for loan everywhere and threatening to India haha poor guy

  15. Avatar

    0:110:17—Imran stammering while saying,"Hum apko sabak sikhayenge!"
    Modi: Pehle sikho, phir sikhao beta…

  16. Avatar

    This pattern of behavior is encompassing the world: dark days ahead.

  17. Avatar

    india will lose because they only use cow to war

  18. Avatar

    Pakistan issuing threats….which basically means they're gonna send some suicide bombers to kill women and children.

  19. Avatar

    Israel's dirty hands all over this.

  20. Avatar

    Sad both countries need peace-not interested taking sides…..

  21. Avatar

    India is not reacting this jokers any comment …best reaction is no reaction …

  22. Avatar

    Semms like A lion Imran khan .😘😘😘😘😘😘

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    And this selected prime minster Imran khan begging for money in front of world community.

  24. Avatar

    lets put Pakistan on black list of FATF for threatening to support terrorism in india

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