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Key takeaways from the vice presidential debate | ABC News


ABC News’ political team discusses on how the candidates focused on three main issues — foreign policy, COVID-19 and the race — while dodging other questions.

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    PENCE : calm and composed never missed a beat never let anything slide
    KAMALA : multiple composure fails, Mommy voice, believe me face, how dare you expression, let me tell you something Mr. looks, and hands under the chin …batting the eyes I’m a pretty little girl … 🤮 she did everything except for the hairflip-giggle combo. Total embarrassment for all women

  2. Avatar

    ABC news is a sad joke. Pushing the 2 different America’s agenda.

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    The blame game, or who is to blame? A (bad press) calls for a choice in these elections between "Trump's character" and
    "the Democrats' zeal to disrupt". The only thing different from the popularity contest in 2016 is that both sides have had four years to size up, or else concede to their opponent's greater vision.

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    You cannot deny that Pence DESTROYED her. It was humiliating for her.

  5. Avatar

    George Stephanopoulos and mansplaining Harris: If she were on her back would it make it clearer???

  6. Avatar

    Oh my the trolls down here are working overtime. Sweating 😥 it out. Useless it won’t work this year.

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    take a break from politics, from problems and see my painting and sculpture https://youtu.be/44ddeNfuJBE

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    Biden was the same as trump, don't put it all on Trump. Every other word out of abc news scripts is saying Trump is bad. Kamala avoided answering questions many times as well.

  9. Avatar

    Key take away for me: Kamala is a Karen and won’t answer a question.
    Pence needs more situational awareness of insects.

  10. Avatar

    Pound-for-pound, Harris out classed Pense , she had such Poise and control she was very prepared it showed as you roll the tapes back I don't think anyone can deny that and if you do there's really something wrong with that thing sitting on top of your neck.

  11. Avatar

    Sorry, Mike answered most questions fairly directly.

  12. Avatar
    Ranjan Udayashankar

    What a landslide victory for Pence! That fly was more of a challenge to Pence than Harris ever was.

  13. Avatar

    You guys are a joke. You accuse the others of what you are doing.

    Watch after the election. Even with a Trump College win, the only win there is as there is no popular vote win in the USA, you will not give up, watch America, you heard it here before it happens.

    They say Trump won't give up if he loses, but whatever they say, that's what they are doing.

    Don't believe me. Watch anything they report and change the word Republican for Democrat and Trump for Biden, then Google it. 100% every time. I've done it with duckduckgo.com instead of the skewed Google algorithm, but works in both.

    Try it yourself. Its amazing.

    Really, try it. Change Trump for Biden and Republican for Democrat.

  14. Avatar

    Debating women = Mansplaining
    Liberal logic 🤦‍♂️

  15. Avatar

    It sad to think that ABC news employees think they’re actually producing real journalism

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    Kamala… Joe… answer the freakin question!!!
    I, like most Christians, have become a one issue voter this election.
    The issue… SCOTUS.
    The interviews with Senator Ted Cruz regarding his book ONE VOTE AWAY, is having its effect.

    I don’t care if Trump is racist… which he is not,
    I don’t care if Trump is homophobic… which he is not,
    I don’t care if Trump is masaganistic, which he is not,
    I don’t care if Trump is Pro Choice, which he is not,
    I don’t care if Trump lied to the American public about COVID, which he did not,
    I don’t care if Trump mis handled the Covid pandemic, which he did not,
    I don’t care if Trump failed at foreign relation, which he did not,
    I don’t care if Trump failed with the economy, which he did not,
    I don’t care if Trump brags, and has an errogant attitude, which he does,
    I don’t care if Trump gets the whole mask thing wrong, which he does not,
    I don’t care if Trump illegally paid $750 in taxes, which he did not,
    I don’t care if Trump is crass…

    The only thing I care about is that our elected officials actively protect American’s freedoms that have been guaranteed us by the constitution and bill of rights since the country was founded.

    Rights like freedom of expression/speech. Freedom of assembly. Freedom to peacefully protest. The freedom of the second amendment.

    And most importantly, the freedom of religion. The freedom to worship God according to the dictates of my own conscience… a freedom I am willing to literally die for. (Let that sink in if you don’t think I’m serious).

    So until you answer the question… ?will you pack the SCOTUS with liberal minded judges? (like the liberals on the high court right now who have voted to revoke and or significantly alter those freedoms) I, as should all peoples of faith, will throw my support to Trump and the Republicans running for Congress.

    Ps; if any Christian plans to vote for the Democratic ticket… a vote proven in recent SCOTUS decisions to be against freedom of religion, I want to know why.

    I will post this on numerous threads in hopes Kampala or Joe and Christian liberals will see and answer me

  17. Avatar
    Afghanistan Bananastand

    Key takeaway is that flies are attracted to Pence's skull. That's because you know what's inside that skull! Mama always said feces is as feces does

  18. Avatar

    research who was Nacy Pelosi's personal biographer ..lol. real shocker there but I am not surprised. Oh look it was the moderator!!

  19. Avatar

    Ya and Kamala called Biden a racist and a sexual harraser not too long ago, and there gonna be partners?.come on man!. Cornpop was a bad dude and he ran a bunch of bad boys..

  20. Avatar


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    Dam can we get some honest news is this still america???

  24. Avatar

    KEY TAKEAWAY…. Kammy refused to answer a direct question… "Will Joe Biden attempt to pack the Supreme Court?" Of course even Joe refuses to answer that one.

  25. Avatar

    Pence kept taking detours! Lol pence is a Liar . he doesn't work for us. He works for the devil!!! Shame on Pence!!

  26. Avatar

    Kamala in Finnish means 'horrible'
    So it's Horrible Harris🤣

  27. Avatar

    Why is every news channel so BIAS, I’m voting for Trump, Biden hasn’t done anything for America, Trump is for the people and America

  28. Avatar

    Harris sucked no substance please please don’t lie…Trump 2020… pence did great…

  29. Avatar
    Gayathri Vadivelu

    Actually Pence does make a valid point. Has Biden or Obama ever explained how H1N1 infected over 60 million people across America within a 1 year span from 2009 to 2010 in comparison to Covid which (to date) has only infected 7.8 million people? I use the word "only" purely due to comparison because by no means is 7.8 million a small inconsequential number. The death rate was not as high but remember, H1N1 was also not as aggressive as Covid-19. 60 million is a staggering number. The Biden-Harris duo seem to be running half their campaign on critiquing how the current administration has mishandled the pandemic. How should we rate Biden's performance on the H1N1 outbreak back then?

  30. Avatar
    A FatherlyVocation

    A lot of pontificating from the talking heads, not much in the way fact. Please stop trying to tell America how to think. Do your job as "journalists" and present facts and unbiased descriptions of reality. Inform with facts, let the voter draw the conclusions.

  31. Avatar

    Hahahahahaha trump 2020

  32. Avatar


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    They tell you constantly he won’t compromise . . .
    He won’t reach out, he’s not bipartisan enough.

    They say he just won’t bargain with them in Washington . . .

    But let’s remember this . . .

    It’s election night 2016 and Donald Trump wins the presidency.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, more than 5,000 protesters appear in front of Trump Tower on New York’s 5th Avenue.

    They’re chanting: “Throw him out.”

    He’s not even “in” yet, and they want to throw him out!

    Fast forward to January 20, 2017, it’s Inauguration Day and Donald J. Trump will become the 45th president of the United States.

    But 70 Democratic members of Congress refused to attend . . .

    This never happened before.

    They say they won’t accept Trump as the legitimate president.

    And 5 days after he’s elected, top far-left socialists meet at Washington, D.C.’s Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

    They are hosted by 106 billionaires. They all concoct a plan to stop Trump.

    They call themselves THE RESISTANCE.

    Within days of his move to the White House, members of Congress like Maxine Waters and their allies in the media are calling for his impeachment.

    Then, just weeks later, Democrats demand and cry for a criminal probe of his campaign.

    They allege “collusion” with Russia . . . based on allegations in a thing called the Steele Dossier (which the DNC paid $10 million to compile).

    They get their wish and $50 million in taxpayer money is spent for the Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation.

    Multiple grand juries, 500 witnesses — Mueller finds no evidence of collusion and illegality
    And major House and Senate committees conclude the same. Nothing . . . zippo.

    Failing on every level, in late 2019, the Democrats trump up impeachment charges.


    Trump called for an investigation of Joe Biden’s activities in the Ukraine including his pressuring Kiev to fire a prosecutor.

    You see, Joe Biden boasted he withheld U.S. aid to the Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor who was investigating him, his son Hunter, and gas giant Burisma.

    For doing so, Joe is lauded, but Trump should be impeached and removed?

    Well, for the first time in history not a single Republican backed their impeachment.

    And then the Senate voted to acquit.

    All baseless.

    Donald Trump poses a real danger to the SWAMP.

    Literally from the minute he was elected, they wanted him OUT.

    At every turn, Democrats, Swamp-like Republicans, and fellow travelers in the media have been scheming and devising to stop Trump . . . even destroy him.

    Right now the polls are all over the map.

    Some are close, very close; others show Biden will win.
    But remember, we saw this movie in 2016.

    The NBC poll on October 15, 2016, had Hillary beating Trump by 14 points!

    We know how that movie ended for Hillary.

    They know it too.

    Aren’t you amazed that the same people who refused to accept the 2016 election result are demanding Trump accept this November’s results before it happens!

    When we watched Chris Wallace at the debate, we understood why — they want Trump to lose.

    No surprise there either.

    Trump has taken the worst blows any politician can ever take — add COVID-19 now to the list.

    Yet he’s still fighting, still standing

  34. Avatar

    VP Pence calls out Heels up Harris on her lies-
    Msm narrative- How dare he mansplain her lies
    You really are the enemy of the people & the country

  35. Avatar

    Main takeaway from debate
    Democrats are pushing for a communism

  36. Avatar
    OPHIUCHUS October2Q2Q

    Feminism is a first world privilege, if she can’t handle MIKE PENCE, how will she do against world leaders, where they don’t have the courteous demeanor Mike Pence showed kamala Harris this debate? She’s unfit to be president (when they 25th amendment joe Biden out)

  37. Avatar

    YouTube search, "1985 Joe Biden says the N-Word twice." He could have self censored BUT DID NOT. Watch how racist Dems cover for him (same DEM party that started the KKK because they hated Republican President Abramham Lincoln who freed the slaves)

  38. Avatar
    Kostantino Psilakis

    Four more years for Trump🇺🇸👍👍👍👍👍

  39. Avatar

    Senator Kamala Harris never answered the “Packing the Supreme Court” question. She also lied about fracking. Joe Biden is on video promising to end fossil fuels. Global Warming is the biggest threat to Earth.

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