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Key takeaways from Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Plus, the next steps in the confirmation process with only 19 days until the presidential election.

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    this guy is a liberal pundit

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    It’s comey barret, not coney.

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    I hope she gets confirmed!

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    Democrats! : Clinton, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, BLM, ANTIFA, Twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, ABCN, NBCN,WA Post, NYT,… = liars! rioters! looters! cholera media! thugs! hoaxers! cheaters! criminals! America’s destroyers!

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    – 5 SC justices have been appointed by 2 Republicans who LOST the popular Vote, 3 of which are FAR Right.
    – 1 MODERATE SCJ was stolen from the Obama administration
    – The current make-up of the courts do NOT represent the will of the vast majority of Americans and is not sustainable.

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    Democrats! : Sen. K Harris, C Booker, A Blobuchar, D Durbin, R Blumenthal, P Leahy, D Feinstein…liars! thugs! hoaxers! cheaters! America’s destroyers!

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    Senator booker looks like the guy from key and peele comedy channel….is any of this even real anymore? How about stalking, character assassination and harrassmwnt by the police? Can we get to that problem? It's not an issue of ethnicity but of the lower demographic. #targetedindividuals #gangstalking #SRA

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    Will have to pack the court to make it honest and fair for all americans ..

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    Who's The first Blind?!..

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    Where is the HUNTER BIDEN story. Hunter SOLD access to VP BIDEN for big money bribe to Ukraine and China. Evidence just found on HUNTER'S laptop computer YESTERDAY.

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    That’s their takeaway?
    Do democrats think we are that stupid?

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    Let the people choose

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    Take care and please visit Activistpost.com!

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    One big takeaway was that the Democrat Senators looked like idiots.

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    Please these politicians they just pick words out of the air I don't even know if they know the definition of it cuz I have to ship I don't even know the definition of it and some of the words I've never heard before and they are just such a common words then it supposed to be in layman's terms explain it to me please are you people are so freaking intelligent LOL I have an open mind and and I can meet the dictionary better than that I don't even need the dictionary more I use a Google Now Zhang I use the dictionary now we're Google things are you Bing it AR technology right well I can live without it some people can't my great-grandchildren they are in the second grade they were born with freaking tablets in their arms it was the bottle in the tablet the tablet in the bottle that's the truth oh my word it just totally exhausting.

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    The ONLY takeaway is that she will be confirmed and Dems liberals radicals CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.

    HAHA. It's our time, not yours so see ya!

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    Oh my god do you think she might have another husband and family somewhere is this something going to try to pull out the Hat a Lord help us all

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    + Facebook finds pro-Trump group helped make hundreds of accounts to spam comments with attacks on Biden

    Alex Woodward

    Thu, October 8, 2020, 12:39 PM CDT

    Facebook has removed hundreds of fake accounts tied to right-wing group Turning Point USA, which enlisted a now-banned marketing group to flood comment sections of news stories to attack Joe Biden and Democrats while praising Donald Trump.

    The social media company announced on Thursday that marketing firm Rally Forge had worked with Turning Point USA to make 200 profiles and 55 pages on the platform and 76 on Instagram, beginning in 2018 and continuing through 2020.

    Facebook said the accounts violated the company’s polices about “coordinated inauthentic behaviour” that relied “on real people, not automation” to “create the perception of wide-spread support of their narratives by leaving comments on posts by media entities and public figures.”

    Roughly 373,000 people followed one or more of those pages, and 22,000 people followed on or more of those Instagram accounts.

    Many accounts consisted of stock profile photos, posing as right-leaning users. The company found that in 2018, some of those accounts had posed as left-leaning users.

    This activity was centered primarily around commenting on news articles posted by news organizations and public figures, rather than posting their own content,” the company said in a statement on its blog. “Its election-focused behavior began in 2018 in the run-up to the midterms, it then went largely dormant until June 2020.”

    Recent activity involved what the company calls “thinly veiled personas” that “were slight variations of the names of the people behind them and whose sole activity on our platform was associated with this deceptive campaign.”

    “We assess this shift in tactics is likely due to the majority of this network’s fake accounts getting caught by our automated detection systems,” the company said.

    At least one account promoted false claims about mail-in ballots, as the president and his allies continue to air unfounded allegations of voter fraud, while voting rights advocates have condemned Republican efforts to suppress votes across the US.

    Facebook banned Rally Forge from its platforms, while Turning Point USA remains active, with nearly 2 million followers.

    The organisation’s founder Charlie Kirk was the first speaker at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

    In June, the president addressed a rally at a megachurch in Phoenix hosted by the group.

    Facebook latest move follows September reporting from The Washington Post that suggested a “secret campaign” to sow disinformation about 2020 elections was underway through “troll farms” from the conservative Turning Point USA. In response to its reporting, Twitter banned several accounts allegedly involved with similar efforts.

    On Wednesday, Facebook announced the company will temporarily block US political adverts on its platforms when polls close on Election Day.

    Facebook also said it would “remove calls for people to engage in poll watching when those calls use militarised language or suggest that the goal is to intimidate, exert control, or display power over election officials or voters," taking aim at ads the president’s campaign asking for “every able-bodied man and woman to join Army for Trump’s election security operation."

    In the event that the president, who commands a massive audience on social media platforms, declares victory before the results are collected, the company said it would send notifications to Facebook and Instagram users on election night with the latest results.

    The company “will add more specific information in the notifications that counting is still in progress and no winner has been determined," it said.

    When polls close, the company will attach labels to candidates’ posts directing people to Facebook’s voting information centre.

    This week, the company issued a platform-wide ban on QAnon-related groups, pages and profiles, bringing its policy on the conspiracy movement closer to its policies governing “militarised social movements" such as terror groups.

    Read more

    Facebook to suspend political ads when polls close on Election Day

    Facebook bans QAnon accounts across all platforms

    How a student in a diaper caused an eruption at Turning Point USA


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    They only key takeaway is Democrats appoint idiots.

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    How about that email evidence of bidens corruption ?

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    This lady JUST NEEDS TO GO!

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    She looks crazy

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    ACB is smart and dignified. She will be a great SCOTUS justice.

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    Trump.Where is Hunter https://youtu.be/RGkF97pMrBM

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    BREAKING: Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad

    Check it out on New York Post, Fox, BlazeTV, etc. 🇺🇸🇺🇸😘

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    Grills? …lol. she has it easy compared to Kavanaugh.

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    Are there any Trump supporters out there who would use the same arguments for her confirmation if she was from another faith?

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    Key takeaway? Barrett doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. to put it politely

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    Shes going to vote for severability on AcA by looking at her holding in moot court at william and mary and that's not Overturned . It is what is called in sheperdizing cases for precedence a modification. R, M, O. THIS WILL GIVE CONGRESS THE OPPORTUNITY TO REWRITE SECTIONS THAT HAVE BEEN PUBLICLY CRITICIZED .

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    Outlaw the democrat socialist communist party

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    Just posting this up if anyone haven't seen the update about Bin Laden

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    80% will feel nothing. 18% will have mild to severe symptoms. 1-1/2 to 2% will pay the bill. Do the math. Wake up, sheep.

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    A woman of HONOR and INTEGRITY on the court! I love it! Maybe the rights of the unborn may actually see some protection for once!

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    ppl are mad on how fast this is going.
    but look at the lack of time she had to get ready and how freaking sharp she is

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    She’s Trump’s puppet.

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    She is a rockstar

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    "I won't take half like pop" – Hunter Biden to his sister. Ignoring the story is evidence of your bias…🐇

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    Constitution Article I Section 8 The Congress shall have the Power To promote the Progress of Science!
    Why? Jacob Bronowski "Science is only a Latin word for knowledge" Barrett says she knows nothing about climate change?
    Kid doesn't read! We're melting!

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    My wife and me are freaking out. 65 years of woman's health rights are right out the window. The Republicans are trying to stack the court in her favor. If Lindsey Graham votes yes, he is done for lying and saying he wouldnt vote yes on a new SCOTUS if it was within 100 days of election and mark his word. We'll his word is going to make him lose his seat hopefully.

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    This bitch doesn't even know the first amendment of the constitution. She doesn't believe in science and facts. Only there to vote trump to presidency, destroy women and gay rights and put America back to the dark ages.

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    Why aren't people going to protest in the streets against every republican trying to destroy healthcare, women and gay rights? People need to scare them more than their greed for profit.

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