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Key moments from ABC News town hall with Joe Biden

ABC News political team discuss on questions and answers from the town hall that struck home with voters.


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    Investigate the Bidens

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    “You ain’t black… anyway who cares about Biden”

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    N Y Post expose BIDEN-OBAMA CRIME FAMILY, will sink Biden: https://youtu.be/9LuSpHJNPe0

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    "Key moments"? more like a monologue by the anchor and Biden was just there reading scripts.

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    🔵🔵 Vote the Stable Liar out! 🔵🔵

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    Check out this article in Time Magazine from 2019 https://time.com/5700753/hilter-youth-jojo-rabbit/ and you will understand how we got to where we are. This is what our public schools have been doing to our kids for decades, introducing corrupt moral standards, victimhood culture, infantilization. They teach boys to be like girls. They teach girls that they don't need boys. They introduce Marx's baseline rule of Class Warfare on an epic scale — rich vs poor; religious vs non-religious, black vs white, gay vs straight, and every other way to pit people against each other. Divide, isolate, and conquer. They teach "Equality of Outcome" instead of "Equality of Opportunity" and through all of it, this is how we have arrived at mass stupidity. We are literally at a tipping point where so many people have been indoctrinated that "Socialism is Okay." The 1% will always be the 1%. They are ruthless and unrelenting — that's how they got to where they are. That's where they will always be the 1%, because they make the rules in their pursuit for total world domination, disguised as this wonderful "globalization." When the mouthpieces on The Left say that they will go after the 1% it's a lie — they were PUT there by the 1% to accelerate the decline. It's why EVERYBODY hates Donald Trump — because he is doing all he can to stop it.

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    The Town hall for Biden was a set up with Propaganda, at least 2 of the undecided voters on the Program were in fact former speech writers for Obama, not Undecided, but Democrats with sick agendas. Fox exposed that this morning on fox and friends. wwwgotnews.com

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    Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad @t

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    Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad @t

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    !Trump has reduced your taxes, Secured our border, Made us energy independent, Increased the value of our 401K, Reduced federal spending for abortions, Best employment in US history, Lowest unemployment in all categories, Defeated the ISIS Califate , Bringing peace to the middle east, 3 Nobel Peace Prize nominations, Returned over 50 hostages from 22 different countries, Rebuilt the military, Supports our law enforcement. I think he has earned my VOTE. @

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    Why people support biden when he supports kkk ,blm,roiters looters,didnt want his kids in a racial jungle, etc yea hes going bring people together right !

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    Key moments from Biden's town hall: but no audio to what he said. :/

    The Media must think we're stupid.

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    What a clown show.

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    I watched the Trump debate with Savannah Guthrie, from beginning to end. I came away thinking she interjected herself as Bidens surrogate. She was shrill and disrespectful, and did everything she could to keep the audience from hearing the message the President was trying to convey.
    In the end, I believe President Trump prevailed and overcame her efforts. I said so in the comments. At least NBC allowed comments, but because ABC did not allow comments, I will not watch Biden's performance. The decision not to allow comments, is an act of cowardice, on the part of ABC and Joe Biden.

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    They say Hunter Biden paid George Stephanopoulos 3 million dollars not to ask Joe Biden about the e-mails and laptop.

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    BREAKIN NEWS !! https://youtu.be/7Idvo5FvMqw

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    Key moment: Biden shows his hairy legs.

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    Your people are a joke. No hard questions no good answers and no hard pressing for us the people to understand what he will do for us

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    Do you know why President Donald Trump acted like a BABY in the first debate? Because if he acted like a child Joe Biden would have sniffed him…..😂

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    The department of family and children should open an investigation into the people who are abusing this man with serious mental problems.

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    Worldvoyager 2005

    Biden is a swamp rat. These people like this gave us Trump. Look up Biden’s 80s presidential run right here on YouTube . False claims about his pedigree. He called a woman a “dog faced pony soldier” recently. Just imagine if trump said such a thing. This guy is a hack. That is consistent with so many Dem politicians Why would Obama choose such a VP? Why are big tech social media platforms blocking any negative press about Biden? Why are they still bringing up the debunked claims about trump, calling soldiers in the grave “suckers and losers, not denouncing white supremacist groups when he did? People are and have been fed up with these hacks. Again, I understand why people don’t stomach some of the things trump says but only Trump has eve called them out. Why did our past governments, both Dems and Republicans think it was a good idea to force us to compete with 3rd world and communist countries on trade? Remember all these dem nominees all said they were for free healthcare for illegals while they have no solution for even legal citizens. They pander need instead of empowerment. That’s not America. Trump is the clear choice. Pence should succeed him in 2024.

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    A kind man-He is a decent person what rock have you guys been under He is a horrible racist individual who is only about getting him money he is not about America at all You guys are a joke

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    LOL THERE'S LITERALLY LIKE 6 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM. Probably 4 trump voters and two Biden Supports…. well that's what I think because I didn't watch this bull crap. was watching trump kick ass :}

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    Joe Biden is a crook!!! The emails prove it!!!! There is nothing the "liberal media" can do about it, even with their "Ministry of Truth!!!!!"

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    Black America send a strong message! African Americans will not be sold out anymore to vote Democrat because you're black! End this long history of dimness and passivity!

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    Empathy is only good thing you think about Biden?
    We need a Lion, not a half ass, wishy washy, Dam, news thinks we are stupid, their trying to brain wash the sheeple.

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    George has sunk to the level of Cuomo and Lemon. It does'nt get lower than that.

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    i hate to go here but …. he cant even raise a son. how can anyone expect him to run a country. sorry but him and hunter is a mess. if he cant run a household of 5 how can he manage a government. should of took care of hunter instead of idolizing kkk leadersie/ senator bird. that boys a mess

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    Hand picked crowd and not to many of them

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    I guess the joke’s on us…again!

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    I want subscribe to bias opinions. Thanks but No thanks

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    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

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    Joe is a very decent corrupted person lol

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    Mr Mayor was so on point! Joe was so nice, it reminded me of when my mother wiped my rear end and sang me a song! He answered all the hard questions, like the one about was he a white supremacist. He said No. He also knew the answer to remembering if he was running for presidency or the senate. So good.

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    Key moments – softball questions, Democrats and Obama speechwriters as "undecided voters", clearly biased ex Clinton press secretary as the "moderator" Wake up America!!!! You're being taken advantage of!!!!!!

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    Joe called travel restriction from China xenophobic

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    Many, many Trump supporters are voting for:

    HERD IMMUNITY = Covid death rate out of control = 224,282+.

    THEFT = Billionaire pays $750 a year on tax and hires criminals.

    RACISM = Aug 2017 Very fine people, on both sides.

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    Q: What will you do to get the black vote

    Instantly goes criminal justice reform and poverty. Doh. Who’s the white supremacist?

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