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Ken Burns: Americans have always been willing to shed party labels for better leadership

Famed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns speaks with CNN’s John King about the history of party realignment in American politics. #CNN #News

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    Ken Burns is a very smart and noble man

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    Gilson Middle School Valdez Alaska

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    Andariego Delmundo

    This time is different, we are dealing with the future of the Republic vs a fascist and a party that just follow the crimes without holding him back…if the tyrant wannabe wins I sadly beleive it will be the end of this democratic Nation

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    Better Leadership???
    47 years in the swamp. Never had a REAL job. Millionaire. Brother, millionaire. (from the fact there is video)Not very smart, drug addicted son, makes millions in industries/countries he knows nothing about, while he's VfnP…

    "fair well and adieu, to you fair Spanish ladies"…

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    Until now. Rumpians stick with evil, and the dems stay with a neo liberal corporatist lap dog. A recipe for disaster.

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    Hope Zucker of communist news network gets fired for lying to all of you

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    What happened to Colbert?!

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    He looks like a wear wolf.

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    Anybody who wants Joe Biden to lead them is an idiot. I mean, a freaking IDIOT.

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    I hope character is important!!

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    Ken Burns enabled and supported a racist conman.

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    The United States is a country full of loopholes being taken advantage by corrupt politicians in position of power miss leading a country full of idiotic people who are too busy fighting each other rather than the very people ripping them off.

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    Judge for yourself:

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    Really? Like voting for a cellphone smasher?

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    Póg Mo Thóin That's Nice

    ]]] [Video Report: Diary Of Joe Biden’s Daughter Alleges Years Of Sexual Molestation ;

    Infowars.coM October 25th 2020, 9:30 am

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    Democrats have evolved into

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    Latest news — Joe Bidet's campaign starts to look more and more like betting on and whipping the old dead horse .LOL , LEFT IS IN MOURNING ALREADY

    Joe Bidet should instead run for resident in elderly home , Joe Biden"s aka Bidet's campaign was determined to become an elderly abuse ,During last debate despite days of R& R , elderly Bidet was already stuttering after an hour on TV . Imagine Bidet in White House after week of work , he would be fainting . Joe bidet runs for the president only to pardon his son from jail , where hunter bidet belongs together with his pop and hillary
    plus her husband billy


    joe stutterer bidet is a preexisting democratic condition . .. TRUMP 2020

    If you will vote for joe biden you will really vote for camala as Joe Biden is irrelevant already , he is a sell out and a corrupted liar
    , worst off ,he is exhibiting symptoms of early dementia , If elected joe bidet will be impeached or dead soon , automatically making that bitch camel our president . IT WOULD BE A DREADFUL PROPOSITION

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    End the cult,save the country,and possibly the soul of the republican party.

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    Trump is ruining this country !

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    Can't wait for CNN to announce President Trump Wins on Nov 3 , LOL

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    Anybody who wants Joe Biden to lead them is an idiot. I mean, a freaking IDIOT.

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