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Kellyanne Conway dismisses calls for GOP to support gun control

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, joins Julie Banderas with insight on ‘Outnumbered Overtime.’

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  1. Avatar
    TJ Martin- Ag Coalition

    The Republican party single handedly put the finishing touches on gun control. RED FLAGS LAWS and the TAPS Act were both written/created by trump. 100% anti 2ND Amendment. The constitution says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. ANY LAW IS INFRINGING. Haa trump fulled me as well.

  2. Avatar

    Yes – let's worry about gun control for law abiding citizens, and then with your "open borders" the illegal cartels can setup gun machine shops and ammunition factories on the other side of the border. As for the level of violence right now – Kellyanne is spot on – rocks, bricks, laser pointers, industrial grade fireworks with nails embedded. They need to stop f'n around with the protesters. At a certain point – if they don't "pull a permit to peacefully assemble" then it's illegal – end of story. Round them up – put them through Federal Court and voila… let them protest inside the jails with the homies, and the aryan brotherhood. Both groups would LOVE to see these antifa/blm pukes.

  3. Avatar
    Jellybean Nunchucks

    Thanks to the Democrats allowing violent thugs to take over our cities, I am more pro gun than ever. Let law abiding citizens carry automatic weapons. That way one person defending their property and family can easily mow down an entire pack of looters before their security gate gets pulled down.
    The only good looter is a dead looter.

  4. Avatar

    More, more, more. JUST ENFORCE EXISTING GUN LAWS. Simple but does not help create maximum chaos so the people just want SOMETHING to be done. Then take away another tier of liberty.

  5. Avatar

    Everything they always bring up from the "gUnShOw LoOpHoLe" to the "wAgE gAp" has been long debunked. They're just too braindead to come up with something new. It's kind of sad.

  6. Avatar

    Funny how the states with the strictest gun laws have the gun problems. If you can’t buy a gun only the criminals have them. Everyone should open carry and the cowardly criminals would be taken out of the gene pool strengthening our country the way our forefathers wanted it to be.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    I'm a life long criminal and I have never followed or obeyed any gun laws.

  9. Avatar

    I see a woman on the left was born near the Teflon factory😁 different eyes…

  10. Avatar

    Not gonna happen!

  11. Avatar

    Shut your piehole and let her answer. These fox daytime shitbirds are so cnnish

  12. Avatar
    Vladimir Slavutsky

    Pelosi should be is assisted living facility under strict observation!

  13. Avatar

    I wonder why she used a fire oh yeah she was for allowing Democrat cities to burn. By provoke the rioters

  14. Avatar

    Duckworth is absolutely correct …….stop the PROPAGANDA Kelly Ann shame on you ….as a gun over of course you need background checks .!!! Come on 🙄

  15. Avatar

    Tammy Duckworth is a moron, but what democrat isn’t?

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸

  16. Avatar

    The only Gun shows in the ghetto is in abandoned buildings.

  17. Avatar

    Everyone that talks about gun control never wants to acknowledge the fact that the majority of the shootings are committed by people that bought the guns off the street and never had a background check done.

  18. Avatar

    These moron demorats need to take a long walk of a short peir. They allow criminals out of jail, promote riots in their own cities, block police from stopping the violence and attacks on people, trying to defund and remove police… and now they want to take away your ability to defend yourself. Someone needs a hot one in dat a$$.

  19. Avatar

    All Democrats are traitors to are nation and should be treated as such

  20. Avatar

    Help stop crime by all healthy people take your masks off!!! Criminals like secrecy! Officer officer i was robbed. Officer: what does did the robber look like? Victim: brown eyes, brown skin, mask… Officer: if you are injured seek medical attention, I'll file your complaint. It's going to be tough to find this robber…..
    If you are healthy take the masks off and watch the crime rate fall….

  21. Avatar

    I will be so glad when she is gone

  22. Avatar

    The buildings that are on fire Miss Pelosi are on fire because of ignorant liberal leaders such as yourself that are allowing domestic terrorism to go on in their cities and states. It is not the rest of the country's responsibility or the White House's responsibility to pay for or clean up the mess that you have created in your own liberal and Democrat run states and cities. You could have opened things up a long time ago… But your TDS will not allow you to. We have been open here in Georgia I don't know that we ever shut down but everything and everyone seems to be fine.

  23. Avatar
    Proud 2 B A Trumpanzee

    Gangbangers aren’t buying their guns in gun stores and gun shows, their stealing them or buying them out of trunks of cars with money stolen out of an old ladies purse or made by selling dope….Next!

  24. Avatar

    Voting Democrats are buying guns today more than ever. Try to buy a gun in St Louis City with a criminal record and see how far that goes. It's illegal guns that are killing folks: more likely to be murdered in the LOU than die of the China virus. Figure that one out: HYPOCRITE!

  25. Avatar

    The right to bear arms isn't a right given to us by the government , it is a God given right, as are all the rights in the Bill of Rights.
    The left will never get it.

  26. Avatar

    There is no gunshow loophole. Every gun show you go to explicitly prohibits you from purchasing weapons without going through a background check you cannot make Private Sales at gun shows.

  27. Avatar

    Where are these so called gun show loopholes, they don't exist. Only the ignorant of leftist should fall for this lie. Not to mention SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!!

  28. Avatar

    That duckshit broads a moron

  29. Avatar

    Law abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms, period. Conceal carrying is a must these days especially if your living under democratic control. Sell up and move before your property becomes worthless as we know defending your home/life is now illegal in democratic cesspits.

  30. Avatar

    Has FOX gone stupid too?

  31. Avatar

    I’m willing to fight this all the way to November because the people will fire them, don’t cave. Let Democrats make the move. No bailouts to Democrat city and states. President Trump is my negotiator. We will save a lot of money and in the mean time kick off all their donors from the unemployment and PPP systems and save whatever is left for us, the people.

  32. Avatar
    Silver Collector

    Don’t be fooled republicans such as Dan Crenshaw and others want gun control along with Red Flag laws …..

  33. Avatar

    Democrats cant stand armed Americans.
    Because they know we will not hesitate to remove them from office by force.

  34. Avatar

    lol, we already have half of the world's firearms as american citizens.

  35. Avatar

    Did she really just say, "gun show loophole"?

  36. Avatar

    Lawless Trump lawless republicans lawless America communist red America = chaos

  37. Avatar

    This DUCK ain't WORTH a dime ! She needs her head read !

  38. Avatar

    Are dims still making this stupid claim? Stick to your guns Mrs. Conway (pun intended). Guns are not killing anyone, CRIMINLAS are, and dims are letting more and more dangerouse criminals out on the streets. Look, they just had five funerals in honor of a life long violent criminal.

  39. Avatar
    Mauricio Marchena

    Trying to even talk about gun control is a non starter in the US. Republicans' talking point is "they are coming for your guns" and all the idiots of America believe it blindly.

  40. Avatar

    This is the Democrats way of disarming Americans so their thugs can attack us and we cant defend ourselves. There is NO gunshow "loophole"..that is a lie. ALL gun dealers have to do a NICS check on every gun sold in store OR gunshows. Criminals arent buying guns at gunshows…they steal them. It's all a lie. Notice how when the Feds showed up in Chicago the crime rate DROPPED and had the safest weekend they've had in YEARS. Its not the guns..its the criminals.

  41. Avatar

    Democrats are nuts!!

  42. Avatar

    What a moron no gun show loophole exists all bs. NiCS check done on every sale.

  43. Avatar

    Who is to say a lot of these “gun crimes” simply aren’t cases of self defense in a state where obtaining the means of delft defense is essentially illegal therefor exasperating the “gun crime statistics”

  44. Avatar

    I thought the pandemic was called COVID19 NOT DI BLASIO19????

  45. Avatar

    Can we just get rid of democrats trying to remove our rights. Throw them all on a boat with no engine and push them off into the Atlantic? Asking for a concerned citizen.

  46. Avatar
    Agostino Matteucci

    Gun grab coming soon..
    Get ready to turn your guns in .. you won't stand up and fight, you won't do anything to support your second amendment right. You qont exercise your rights against tyranny. Then turn them guns in you fuck8ng cowards.

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