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Keir Starmer urges Boris Johnson to explain Covid restrictions in England

Boris Johnson must provide evidence on the 10pm hospitality curfew in England before a parliamentary vote, Keir Starmer has urged.
The Labour leader highlighted figures showing a rapid rise in infection rates in areas under harsher restrictions, saying it was ‘obvious something has gone wrong here’. Labour also highlighted that 19 out of 20 areas in England under restrictions for two months had reported increasing infection rates

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    Youtube Adventurer

    Aren't they technically breaking the rule of 6 in there? This whole thing is a pathetic circus that should've ended months ago. We have clearly discovered that the virus is nowhere near as deadly as originally feared and anybody with an ounce of common sense can see that this is an absurd overreaction.

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    Elizabeth Miller

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    Unfunny reference no one gets


  5. Avatar

    Didn't labor vote for these restrictions

  6. Avatar

    Covid is over – why are these people stringing it out?

  7. Avatar

    Starmer you are just as bad as Boris. Rather than just political point scoring why don't you offer solutions? If you offered the solutions you might win support but the problem is you have no solutions so shut it pal. UK needs a new party we can get behind. Tories, Labour and the Dems all need to get in the bin.

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    K E I R S T A R M E R
    E I R S T A R M E R
    I R S T A R M E R
    R S T A R M E R
    S T A R M E R
    T A R M E R
    A R M E R
    R M E R
    M E R
    E R

  9. Avatar

    I’d be interested to hear that answer, even though BJ refused to give it. Is there any scientific reason that ALL hospitality should shut after 10 pm? Seems arbitrary.

  10. Avatar

    If I dont imposed these rules,How will people know there is a virus?? Boris😆😅

  11. Avatar

    i just want halloween to be alould

  12. Avatar

    10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Hya Boris. I live inbetween Manchester and Liverpool. We have been on restrictions for a while and I lost my job due to Covid. Mate it isn't working, whatever you're doing, it isn't working. We need a strict really strict total lockdown in the North West of England. Until 1st December . And Eat out to help out was done far too early.

  14. Avatar

    Same old non answers

  15. Avatar

    Where has Boris Johnson's hair gone? There's definitely a baldy creeping up the rear. Going to be able to see his wire to Dominic Cummings at this rate and then what will the country do?

  16. Avatar

    The question wasn't answered… HOW IS THIS ALLOWED?!?????

  17. Avatar

    Keir Starmer urges PM to set out evidence for new lockdown measures ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/07/keir-starmer-urges-pm-to-set-out-evidence-for-new-lockdown-measures
    Coronavirus – latest updates ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/series/coronavirus-live/latest
    See all our coronavirus coverage ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/coronavirus-outbreak

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    The pair of the work for the same parasitic gang Fact this is panto for the masses

  19. Avatar

    Lisa Nandy too.

  20. Avatar

    Meanwhile second wave hits Europe, geniuses on here 😆

  21. Avatar

    Boris The Emphatic Blustering Bluff.

  22. Avatar
    Saruman the White

    People, don't be so quick to trust Keir Starmer either. He is the leader of the CCDH – an ADL-like organisation that censors voices & opinions it considers "hate speech". I don't have to explain to you in 2020 that as little as a compliment can be seen as hate speech by someone.

    Edit: Not to mention that they censor voices that don't align with a narrative they want to push.

  23. Avatar

    I would love keir starmer to be pm. Even if he is uninspiring, useless and too eager to lurch to the right

  24. Avatar

    You're rules are not doing anything its just making things worse first you still open schools when the cases are over 14,000 just doubling in a week and you would let people who work for you to blame us youths for it?? You might as well let a little kid become prime minister honestly some jokeman.

  25. Avatar
    Gabriel-Mihai Bobis

    Boris is a joke

  26. Avatar

    1. Manufacture a problem
    2. Provoke a Terrified Reaction in the public through media partners
    3. Impose Lockdowns
    4. Exaggerate 'cases' with sketchy tests
    5. Mandate Face Masks <—- You are here as of October 2020
    6. Impose Contact Tracing
    7. Impose Health Passport ID Systems (for local and international use)
    8. Mandatory Vaccinations
    9. Cashless society (with account at Government central bank via phone)
    10. Compel RFID Microchip implants (linked to your credit account, health passport details etc.)

    11. Obey your masters or your account will be affected

  27. Avatar
    Rylan Vaughn Allison Hendricks

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  28. Avatar

    I really think this is all just war games at this point. They're testing the limits of the public's patience so they can use it to encroach during non pandemic times and come down much harder and faster if and when a more serious outbreak occurs. The more people accept unnecessary measures, the easier to will be to take away your rights arbitrarily further down the road.

  29. Avatar

    I love Tories behaving badly

  30. Avatar

    Apparently, according to reliable sources, Starmer is quite the thinking woman's crumpet

  31. Avatar

    The lockdowns aren't working and the government doesn't appear to have a clear strategy. Perhaps the elderly and most vulnerable should isolate themselves and let everyone else get on with life?

  32. Avatar

    It does nothing the virus will mutate like the science has proven that in some cases, yet he keep pushing all these restrictions and for what, a more terminal society than we live last year

  33. Avatar

    Get of your knees uk for ffs

  34. Avatar

    Current death rate in U.K: 0.7 people per MILLION per day. Why are we still locking down?!

  35. Avatar

    Unfortunately, we don't trust government statistics for covid-19 cuz they aren't based scientifically.
    Now they force us to do the flu vaccine saying that u must have it even u had it last year lying that the type of the flu can vary each winter.
    WHAT dose that mean ??

  36. Avatar

    Same ridiculous measures in belgium, not taking account of the radical overspreading specificity of the covid19.

  37. Avatar
    Katalina Hunter Delaney Ponce

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  38. Avatar
    Dominic Haig Jones

    6 is better then nothing

  39. Avatar

    Bill Gates funds the Guardian Global Health and Development website.

  40. Avatar

    Ban all MPs from the hospitality industry (except the 24 who voted against the renewal of the Coronavirus Act on September 30th.)

  41. Avatar

    Protest Bonn Square, Oxford, 12 noon Friday 9th October 2020. No more lockdowns, masks, trax, mandatory vax

  42. Avatar

    The government is yet to prove that the virus exists. Until they do, all covid legislation is illegal See Coronavirus Act is Null and Void crowdjustice

  43. Avatar

    Repeal the Coronavirus Act Sign the petition

  44. Avatar
    Jayde Cameron Ellis Rush

    Lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  45. Avatar

    If this incompetent government not introduce tighter restrictions now, by the end of this month the NHS will explode and we'll have even more deaths for many other reasons.

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