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Keir Starmer suggests Labour could back Brexit deal if second referendum attached

The shadow Brexit secretary told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that his party  could vote for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal if a second referendum was added to the withdrawal agreement bill. His party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has previously said Labour could not vote for Johnson’s deal even with a promise of a second referendum
Labour could back Brexit bill if second referendum attached, says Starmer

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    The guardian extreme left-wing news.

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    A second referendum wiping out the legitimacy of the first will simple lead to
    a) violence and b) calls for a third referendum

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    There's an impasse, broken promises, no progress 3.5 years on, and people who view the outcome of the Brexit process differently now that we couldn't get the easiest deal in history. Let's break the deadlock by having a people's vote based on the formalised deal and revoking article 50 as no deal has been ruled out by law thrice.

    Those afraid of a democratic vote won't accept democracy is ongoing and that people have been duped like me. I voted leave (to join the EEA), and changed my mind as what's being delivered is the dirtiest Brexit possible – hardcore leavers hate that people have a right to make different decisions based on facts they can't accept.

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    Time for 2nd referendum with Instant Runoff Ranked Choice voting with options:

    – BoJo's Deal

    – May's Deal

    – No Deal

    – Remain

    – Election and attempted renegotiation (including warning that this option will take several months)

    Look up "instant runoff voting" or "ranked choice voting" as per Australia if you're unsure what I am talking about before you tell me it is undemocratic. I can only see this way as resolving the issue fairly, reasonably and democratically as 2016 referendum was not specific in what form Brexit would be in. Chances are that no single option would yield a majority on first count. And Instant runoff voting or Ranked Choice Voting, by its nature, would not split the vote of Leavers.

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    If Labour wangles a remain by referendum then they'll be eviscerated at the next election…

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    Clearly the only way is to have a binding confirmatory referendum, either Johnson's deal or revoke.

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    It’s stupid to call it a second referendum. It’s another referendum, asking people if they want to leave on this terms. People still have no idea what it means, so they could vote for this deal and u r gone, just do it. It’s not that most people could make an informed decision, because they will be to lazy to go through any of it. They will just do what’s called for on the front page.

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    Google ; 100 times Jeremy Corbyn sided with Terrorists

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    Wrong choice Starmer, should be:- accept deal or WTO. Remain shouldn't even be an option as that was decided in 2016

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    This is the opposite of what labour promised before, during, and after the 2016 referendum and the last election

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    Second referendum
    Choice – Johnson deal or No Deal

    Remain shouldn't be on the ballot, it's already been defeated

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    … and yet people keep saying no deal was on the first big opinion poll!

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    … but now apparently it wasn't so the only ballot can be yes or no to the deal. If no then the status quo is remain.

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    … and what Starmer is saying is Labour policy, so in conformity with Corbyn's directives.

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    He would love nothing more than to see the will of the majority overturned.

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    Why can't Starmer be the new face of Labour and have Corbyn magninamously make way for him? They could well win the next election if so. He is collegiate, firm but willing to look for a compromise. And he does not have the fawning subservience that Blair has to Bush. And I also cannot remember him being rude.

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    The problem with Starmer is that he offers nothing new, whereas Corbyn is a radical and that is why the Guardian and other media relentlessly oppose him.

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    Why is Starmer the shadow Brexit Secretary when he's 100% a remainer?

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    The will of the majority is as it is expressed in Parliament and it is Johnson who has overturned it with his two letter trickery.

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    Stick to party policy passed at conference, dammit!

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    There should only be one ammendment. Whether this deal is voted through or not voted through, there should be attached a notion for a general election. The people of this country will then have A LEGALLY BINDING say on what happens next.

    A confirmatory referendum is a ruse designed to cause chaos and confusion. 2016 was the largest democractic excersice in our country's history, you cannot undo that with another referendum. You need to honor that, then decide how we honor that with a general election.

    I agree that at some point there should be another referendum on EU membership. Yet that needs to be a vote to rejoin the EU at some point in the distant future. Thats how democracy works. Democracy dosen't work when you decide to use a democratic vote to undo a previous democratic vote you didn't like.

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    PM Mr Johnson behaves like a landowner who knows how to get what he wants.

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    Being working class, I could never vote for the Labour Party – they're an out of touch, metro-elite who care nothing for the people they're supposed to represent. Witnessing democracy-denier Starmer attempt to tear apart the biggest democratic mandate in our history, in order to surrender our freedoms to a foreign power, just proves how out of touch, smug and arrogant they are. Everyone I know, and I mean 'everyone' I know, in this labour stronghold in the north that I call home, is saying exactly the same. Bring on the GE.

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    We are leaving the eu on the 31st of October and there is nothing you can do about it hahaha watch 😂😂😎😎😎😂😂

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    Tories who want to remain would love labour to push a second referendum. They’ll get what the want while at the same time labour essentially destroys their chance at government for the next 20 years 😂

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    If the first referendum was a legal contract it would be deemed VOID because those signing it didn't know the TERMS. If you think that is democratic I've got a contract here you can sign and I'll tell you the TERMS in 3 years time. In a real democracy you know what you're voting for BEFORE you vote – not 3 years later. Obviously a second referendum on the TERMS would be more democratic because the question is put back to the VOTERS. If it is still voted to Leave – then so be it – on the TERMS agreed. What would be totally undemocratic is to leave with no deal – because the referendum Act said "orderly withdrawal from the EU" and no deal would be chaos – not orderly – that's why all the Yellowhammer contingencies because they KNOW it would be chaos..

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    Dear "Guardian Angel News", 👼
    Thank you for posting.
    Reading the title.
    "It's kind of a package deal" –
    Quote from the movie:
    "Jumpin' Jack Flash"
    One question regarding
    "Can we write KGB on the cake?" 🎂
    Hate comments be like:
    "No you may not!"😡
    But.. but..
    Former President Obama said "Yes We Can!" 😁👍
    That's why. 👶
    Love from 💕
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

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    Over 3 years….this old Referendum is clearly outdated. I mean not a single person born during this century had a chance to vote. Also no one had an idea what Brexit even means.
    I mean 3 years…there are governments that get new elections in a shorter duration.

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    What we need is a referendum on weather to hold another referendum

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    We will back you if there is a second referendum but only if it goes the way we want it to.

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    Kier starmer nailed it in the commons on super Saturday. He took that bad deal apart.

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    A lot of EU countries are about to go up in smoke quite literally

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    We’re leaving on 31st October.

    The establishment know they are treading thin ice and will get this through so they can go back to ripping off the taxpayer and abandoning the working class.

    A general election before Brexit would give the Brexit party 50+ seats and finally break the two party system …. they won’t let it happen

    Deal will pass. Brexit will happen on 31st October … appease the masses then business as usual.

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    We already had a "Second referendum", that was in 2016.
    First referendum was in 1975.

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