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Keir Starmer responds to EHRC damning report into antisemitism in Labour party – watch live

The UK Labour party leader, Sir Keir Starmer, is expected to hold a press conference in response to the EHRC’s damning report into antisemitism in the Labour party

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  1. Avatar
    Von Splatterblast

    There's no cure for being a cvnt

  2. Avatar

    And shame on The Guardian. No wonder David Graeber refused to write for you

  3. Avatar

    So, in the context of the labour party, antisemitism just means criticising Israel. Right?

  4. Avatar

    People need to go to prison for this.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    About right for the Labour Party, no leader and empty video and no explanations !

  7. Avatar

    all smoke and mirrors………….. yet the agenda roles on.

  8. Avatar
    Oscar Fitzpatrick

    He doesn't even mention the leaked labour report of right wing PLP members who held antisemitism complaints in order to sabotage the party. Wonderful.

  9. Avatar

    I think the Labour Party is summed up in the opening few seconds. People need a proper party and not this joke

  10. Avatar

    What else was he going to say other than "I promise we will sort it" Aye you will do something now you've been caught!

  11. Avatar

    Oh you naughty naughty

  12. Avatar
    Alexander The panda

    0:00 – 7:08 is the best part

  13. Avatar

    Why don't you apologise the Palestinian people living under an illegal, violent occupation which you consistently fail to criticize? Oh, it wouldn't advance your neo-liberal political agenda? Got it.

  14. Avatar

    The McCarthyite Guardian and its smear campaign against Corbyn shows what a disgraceful right wing rag it has become.

  15. Avatar

    If Corbyn, Naz Shah and their ilk aren't expelled from the party then Starmer is proved to be the straw man he's accused of being.

  16. Avatar

    What is this Jeremy corbyn witch hunt ??? He is not antisemitic, just critical of the israel regime big difference!

  17. Avatar

    The official racist party.

  18. Avatar

    how many reports were destroyed before Formby got in ? — how deep does the 2nd coup go?

  19. Avatar

    Israel are a Big Problem what do people think Epstein and Maxwell had or will have the silver hammer 🔨 on their heads

  20. Avatar

    7:08 starts. Sound only in left speaker. The right cannot hear this. Even the audio is taking a political side.

  21. Avatar

    Jokingly I adore anyone with a small appendage, I have to for personal inadequacies but will labour even care out of the media spotlight !! Keir has his own shortcomings from his past so he must act decisively, get rid of Corbin and his flunkies, send out a clear message.

  22. Avatar

    Jeremy Corbyn is not antisemitic

  23. Avatar

    The Guardian is now at the forefront of the new totalitarianism that smears rather than thinks, just like McCarthy, but now it is an unending McCarthyism.

  24. Avatar
    Repulse theMonkey

    Labour are useless as an opposition. They not only agree with the Johnson Regime, they want to make things worse. Enemies of the people.

  25. Avatar

    The slogan of this party should be "A new loser party"
    I used to be labour but not anymore.. Viva Boris🙏♥️

  26. Avatar

    The Red background isn’t about Labour it is the blood of Palestinian children!

  27. Avatar

    Labour & Anitsemitism? Or abusive spin? /watch?v=VMc_0gaeoBU

  28. Avatar

    Criticizes israel is antisemitism.. you can criticize any country around the world but not his masters and money providers 😂 such a failure party

  29. Avatar
    Middle East. Time for Peace.

    Don't you just love it when a plan comes together ☺

  30. Avatar

    Opposing and criticising Israel's war crimes is NOT anti-Semitism!

  31. Avatar

    They will just close ranks to protect Mr Corbyn…Mr Starmer already has.

  32. Avatar

    Our "journalists" are a joke, all running dogs on billionaire payrolls.

  33. Avatar

    Labour is NOT anti Semitic but anti Netanyahu
    Tory is the biggest racist group
    The truth will Emerge

  34. Avatar

    When is the Guardian going to do the same thing , and time to bring Scott trust into the courts.

  35. Avatar

    Why didn't Starmer stand up to Corbyn when he was member under his leadership???
    Misguided loyalty!

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