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Keir Starmer: EHRC’s stark antisemitism report a 'day of shame' for the Labour party

Keir Starmer apologised after a damning Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) antisemitism report found the Labour party responsible for three breaches of the Equality Act.
Starmer stressed Labour accepted the report entirely, adding antisemitic people or those who believed it was a ‘factional attack’ should not be in the party
Labour responsible for unlawful acts of discrimination and harassment, EHRC antisemitism report finds – politics live

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    Starmer and the British Press are engaged in a Stalinist purge of the Labour Party.

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    Totally spineless!
    I’m done with these grovelling corporate melts. 🖕

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    Let's not confuse concerns about Israel's policies and how they impact the world with Judaism.

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    Now expel all the Corbynites from the party, like Momentum and Novara Media.

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    There is no longer an opposition part in the UK. I would be surprised if there was another election. Why would any Totalitarian state apparatus want the people to believe they have a say in anything?

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    and this little man supported corbyn one hundred per cent the lying trollope

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    He supported him.

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    If you want shameful Sir Keir what about abstaining on votes in parliament? One of which would mean British soldiers can commit genocide without fear of being prosecuted? You are a coward.

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    Satya Richburg Ju

    Let’s not give imperialism a cloak of
    Protection for being a victim.

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