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Keilar to Peter Navarro: You are wasting everyone's time

CNN’s Brianna Keilar spars with White House trade adviser Peter Navarro over the White House’s coronavirus response as the pandemic continues to spread throughout the US. #CNN #News

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    Like his useless orange boss, he is useless too. We are in this situation because his orange boss said COVID-19 is a hoax. It is not a hoax, 23,000 people have died already

  2. Avatar

    Another Trump lackey touting old obama rhetoric. Shut up & get to fixing the problem. Trump won't be there this time next year & every single GOP except Mitt should be voted out by huge margins. Trump suxs. People are dying jackaxx

  3. Avatar

    i could only watch a few minutes but this is not journalism, ask the question and then i want to hear this guys answer this interviewer is wasting my time interrupting while i am waiting for his answer, but then …. that is CNN (clown New Network's) style … get the CNN narrative out … while this guy pleads " can you please let me answer!"

  4. Avatar

    That’s how reporting works. It’s not a conversation. They’re meant to ask the questions WE want answered. Bravo!

  5. Avatar

    A thousand of them…. Not that much.

  6. Avatar

    This guy has his head up his ass if he thinks everyone is getting what they need… If what he said was true..EVERYONE WOULD HAVE THEIR SUPPLIES… ASSHOLE GUY

  7. Avatar

    Washington Post and New York Times are needed? What a bubble she must live in!

  8. Avatar

    This rambling imbecile's incompetence is just staggering and should be subjected to a criminal investigation.

  9. Avatar

    80 thousand by the end of the year. This Asshole is an exact reflection of his boss

  10. Avatar

    Lol if he could get the million then cnn would say they need two million. If he could get 2 million then they would say they need 3 million. Idk about the rest of the US but where I’m at we aren’t scared like cnn is making everyone out to be.

  11. Avatar

    I like the way she didn’t get distracted by his BS. Just look at his face. Other News Outlets need to hold these people accountable. And stop wasting the other Americans peoples time on nonsense man. If not just: Cut the mic.Can you hear me now? Use some static interference. My all time favorite: “ We seems to have loss him.”

  12. Avatar

    Such a terrible reporter. She instigates confrontations and speaks over people.. Fox, CNN, MSN are such trash news stations at this point. Propaganda on both sides of the aisle and by looking at these comment section, people gobble it up.

  13. Avatar

    “It’s important to read.”
    She’s fantastic!

  14. Avatar

    she is the kuomintang – youth that think it knows everything and abuses their elders

  15. Avatar

    The intelligence services warned them early and kept them updated as were some “special “senators who sold off their endangered stock and reinvested in “disaster “ stock anything with strong growth potential when the epidemic exploded. In wartime they used to call it profiteering and it was a crime.

  16. Avatar

    This Peter guy doesn’t know 💩.
    He blames Obama, blames China, blames everyone and anyone instead of taking a good look at himself.

  17. Avatar

    Just blaming the Chinese for there ILL PREPAREDNESS

  18. Avatar

    We need the other fake news media to ping pong off of… .. .

  19. Avatar

    The lady was wayyy overly combative. Like he said, let him get a word out edgewise. Not very professional for her to behave that way, as an interviewer.

  20. Avatar

    "We as a country got dealt a bad hand by China"…the whole world is affected by this, he makes it sound as if only the US was targeted. People are dying all over the world.

  21. Avatar

    Come one guys! Peter isn’t a tool. Tools are useful.

  22. Avatar

    Love you lefties with your ad hominem attacks, he's a moron he's a racist he's a xenophobe he's a bigot.No answer, attack the messenger. Donald Trump best president ever 💙

  23. Avatar

    This is why everyone hates CNN… shut up bitch and let us listen to what he's saying.

  24. Avatar

    Go, Breana! Why is she interrupting you, Peter? Because you are trying to pivot away from the questions posed to you and spend valuable time making excuses and blaming other people.

  25. Avatar

    CNN good job Kelly god bless you thank you so much women of the poeple

  26. Avatar

    Rip America If we have a bunch of car sales men running things

  27. Avatar

    USS Roosevelt Carrier Group infected…soon all Carrier Group..good job China..thanks CNN..NBC.

  28. Avatar

    How much time do you need to prepare? Almost two months given by China are not enough for you? Gather your ass and begin to take responsibility.

  29. Avatar

    You all must be have selective hearing! After the H1N1 virus hospitals should have had ventalators in place for this virus!!this is all Obama's fault if you want to place blame!! I will bet the farm that president trump will have a plan in place for the next virus!!

  30. Avatar

    Who is this guy? He does not get the point. Telling the audience he's working as hard and fast as he can when hr cannot specifically answer how many ventilators are needed and how many he can obtain, does not inspire confidence in hie management. Nor does blaming China when the US has known for months, fix our problem now.

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