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Keilar calls out Trump's 'tone- deaf' plea to suburban women

President Donald Trump offered his latest appeal to suburban women, promising to get their husbands “back to work” if he’s reelected. CNN’s Brianna Keilar calls out Trump’s history of sexist and outdated comments.

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    Hello folks I'm Joe Biden 1972
    1973 I'll make change next time
    1983 I'll make change next time
    1990 you'll see watch
    1998 it's coming you'll see
    2004 it's coming next time
    2008 make China great again
    2012 China is our friend
    2016 I made a job for my son
    2020 I'm gonna make change for the people. Hahaha.

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    I've become a superfan. She's got zero ducks left to give. It's been a long 4 years.

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    Trump lost his first election, he cheated, hes trying to cheat again, just listen to his nonsense. Vote, vote , vote his as out of our white house. Everything trump touches he contaminates.

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    Trump in his own words about women: https://youtu.be/H6PPB9N8Ax8

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    Time to rewrite history
    Enough is enough
    You are voting for your lives and the lives of your loveones so please VOTE VOTE VOTE
    It's Sad
    As we speak Trump administration still have voters, I'm sorry but this extraordinary 1st world country is becoming a
    Lawless and disgraceful display of power and corruption under the current administration who dosen't care about the values and what democracy means.
    And then hopefully law and order will hold him accountable along the Republicans and his FOX minions.
    Please America you have the most Dangerous person someone who has cheat and gets caught time and time again, he was infected with COVID-19 be smart enough to realize regular people will never be able to get the same type of treatment, you are true witness of the biggest lie ever from Trump trying to downplay COVID-19 responsibility.
    Lies and more Lies from Trump administration
    at this point nothing coming out of the WH can be trusted, Let's avoid taxes questions , racism claims . and let's claim a miraculously recover, where he shows top shape , just to prove to his followers and the world along their scientists, that there's no need for a vaccine to COVID-19. He will claim left and right that COVID-19 is no so lethal? He did the same when he was pushing the hydroxychloroquine. I'm sorry but we are dealing with the biggest FRAUD who as we know is in serious debt and he needs to win the re-election in order to avoid the law, taxes, possible bankruptcy and everything that he fears the most. Please America VOTE VOTE you deserve better and this is now your life and the life of your loveones, otherwise he will be pushing COVID-19 it's not lethal. United States cannot endure this any longer, the reality is that is incredibly to have a 1st world country leading a 3er world country in number of deads just because he choose to fool and betray the American people, you have being deceived by this man.
    Trump's time finally is here and he will have to face the consequences of everything ha has being able to avoid so far his entire life, it's time to set an example out of him for future Presidents because this cannot happen ever again.

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    If you want to see "today" rather than nostalgia, just elect the Biden Crime Family.

    See how youse likes it. Can you speak Chinese?

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    I like Presidents that aren’t fighting off rape charges.

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    Stuck in 1940

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    Yo, Trump 2020 y’all!

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    Suburban woman are like everyone else, they don’t want to live in dangerous dem run cities, in other words joe bidens America

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    Great editorial! Bravo!

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    This started in the 80’s with Ronald Reagan. The past is better than any future. This group of conservatives think that Leave it to Beaver and My Three Sons were documentaries. We used to lead but it is tough to do when you are in reverse.

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    Well the soccer moms will vote for Biden anyway or that is what CNN will say. I guess soccer games must be cancelled because of Covid19.

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    Why is the #1 trending term "How do I change my vote" happening on Google right now? #BidenLaptop

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    CNN 1 million viewers. Lolololololololololololololololololllolollll.
    Wonder why? People still watch cable entertainment? Lololololllolololololllol.

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    Trump is the greatest Charismatic Warrior, Commander-In-Chief & the man of God who holds Bible in his right hand & is fighting against evil forces: BLM, ANTIFA, Anarchism, Defund Police, Fake Media, Deep State, Chinese&Russia connected Dems' clueless, nonsense, insane policies & tearing him down since day1(enough is enough), & fighting against evil Chinese expansion that Obama(hypocrite)& Xi Biden(China puppet, liar) neglected, ignored & failed with Chinese bribe. If Biden elected, America will be controlled by devil forces, & America will be a Chinese colony. China will own America. God send Trump to save America out of evil forces, & Trump is fighting for us & fighting for America. TRUMP2020!!! MAGA2020!!!

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    The Legend of Crunchfoot

    Meat Loaf? Not Meat Loaf again. ;^)

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    Enjoy hell cnn we all see through u doesnt matter what you do

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    The 50's and 60's ROCKED!

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    A Public Forum for Discussion

    Dear dems. Please be aware that Trump is winning the early vote and is on track to win the electoral college easily and perhaps even the popular vote.
    Please be prepared for this and try not vandalize any public property when the results are announced

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    CNN , still no mention of Bobulinski !

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    A little razzle dazzle

    Capitalism over socialism! Trump 2020!

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    Im non American but damn i look forward to her segments. She is brilliant.

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    The 50's and 60's ROCKED! compared to these soy soaked leftard distopia we have now. GIVE ME THE 60'S! TRUMP2020!

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    Give it up trumpties, nobody cares about crazy drunk Rudy's desperate ramblings about the Bidens.
    Even Fox is laughing at him 🤣

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    Jolean Uilani Yamada

    Bravo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    I seriously doubt if Trump even knows where ROUTE 66 is !!!!! Just like he has NO idea what suburbia is like.

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    FAKE news CNN keeps marching out this salty Karen. She is gonna be sad at election night when the Trump train wins in landslide.

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    CNN …We would like to know more about Joe Biden and Tara Reade.

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    Some women take raising children seriously

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    Wwwhaaaaasasat, lassie is not coming to save us?

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    President For Life

    FACT: Women were happier when they weren't trying to be men. #Trump2020

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    Hey Don Donnie what about all the men who’s jobs disappeared after you stole the last election just leave and go play with Vlad

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    Look who is promoting hate. After Trump wins again, you gonna still push out the hate?

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    CNN working overtime to re-elect Trump 🤣

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    Trump fingers keila

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    Typical CNN…..everyone knows that employment is more critical for men then for women. A man's self esteem revolves around his job where as women not so much. Most men suicides are connected to lack of employment. Such biased bullshit from CNN yet again.

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    Why does Sky News Australia constantly praise Trump? This is a channel that'll gain nothing from this election as it's from a country that is thousands of miles away. They'll have zero agenda like CNN.

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    all I can say is play the whole clip, I do video editing as well and could make you sound any way I want to….how about The BIG story Joe Biden and his son and how people like you as well as most media outlets that would be playing this everywhere if it was a laptop from Trumps son but for Biden you all just cover it up

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    40% of americans supports a man who spent 4 goddamn years screwing and shooting is own foot

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    Patricia Monteagudo

    TRUMP 2020 !!!

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